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Take On Patch 1.02, "Alki"

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Afternoon, all!

Today, we're releasing the first patch for Take On Helicopters. You can grab a selection of download links from the official website.

Important Information

  • This patch is for non-steam versions of the game, requiring v1.01 (i.e. launch).
  • Whatever the read me says about Steam compatibility, well, scrap that, some nugget is getting a clobbering for writing such inaccurate drivel as we speak.
  • This is a non-steam patch, which will get its own update asap.

Version Highlights

  • Career finances tuned
  • Helicopter inspection improved
  • Scenarios / contracts tweaked

That aside, there are a few less noticeable improvements, which didn't quite sneak into the launch version, but are here now. Happy flying!


1. Some useless tool created a readme with false promises about Steam compatibility. So is it compatible with Steam after all?

No, it's a different exe, and this is non-steam only.

1.a. Aw, well that sucks, what will you do to this 'useless tool'?

Professionalism demands that he/she should remain unnamed, of course, but since he/she's presenting the game in his/her homeland right now, there's very little that can be done.





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