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MAF - Pack Mirage 2000

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For fans (like me :)) of the aircraft from Dassault, the famous Mirage 2000, the MAF Studio is working on a pack of 2000 in different nationalities:

- Brazil

- Greece

- Egypt


- India

- Peru

- Qatar

- Taiwan

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I love the Mirage and done so since OPF days, I was wondering there is a great mod made/under development by the Lost Brothers boys that got Iraq in it. I was wondering if maybe in the future if time allows or possibility is there if maybe there could be some of the older jets made as well?

I then refer to the Dassault Mirage F1 that would be an excellent addition to the Iraqi air forces made by the Lost Brother Team and to add to that one the Iranian Module by YorT. A small wish you could say.

A crude draft from wikipedia about the Dassault Mirage F1 in service with Saddam Husseins air force, apparently one Iraqi Mirage downed a F14 Tomcat during the Iran/Iraq war, that says a lot about Mirage and the capabilitys of that craft even in Iraqi hands. They were also responsible for several Phantom 4 kills and a mishap almost sunk the American frigate USS Stark with one Exocet Missile one of my favourite anti shipping missiles.

# Mirage F1EQ-2 : Single-seat air defence fighter version for Iraq. 16 built.

# Mirage F1EQ-4 : Single-seat multi-role fighter, ground-attack, reconnaissance version for Iraq. 28 built.

# Mirage F1EQ-5 : Single-seat anti-shipping version for Iraq. 20 built.

# Mirage F1EQ-6 : Single-seat anti-shipping version for Iraq. 30 built.

There are lots of photos flying around at Google pictures for the Iraqi F1EQ for reference but I do not wish to hijack any sites brandwith when linking photos of them at this forum but there should be plenty of reference's. There were also Mirage F1EQs that fleed Coalition Bombings in the 1991 Gulf War and they ended up in Iran that since that used them in their own air force.

As such there is two modules alone the Iranian Mod YorT and the Lost Brothers Team with Andrei and the boys that could have usage of these planes alone. Just a thought from one that loves Mirage! :bounce3:

Dassault Mirage F1 wikipedia.org




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