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Separating Uniforms&Weapon-Skins from Units

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The suggestion alignes a bit to this Topic: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=115519

Units should be separated, too.

You should be able to choose between Map-default/custom/random skinning/look

For example, the possibility of:

  • choosing side (already there)
  • choosing class (already there)
  • choosing race/ (maybe even /sex/bodyshape/tallness)
  • choosing Uniform/clothing-style (None/Hard-Hat/Baseballcap/Guillisuit/Camo/Civil/etc.)
  • choosing Weapon skin (random-woodland or -desert/align to clothing/list all current weapon skins-here).

The clothing, for example, could even be in the Gear-menue as an item to swap or change. Changing uniforms should be very time-intensive (2-3 min).

Before someone asks: The clothing-Style "None" is being in Army- or civilian underwear.

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It shouldn't be all about the player only, but should be a dropdown-list option when placing a unit in the editor. The customisation of the player is already in your profile - so no need to wait for half an hour to wait for "fashion-victims" to get ready..

Isn't this just a feature to increase the Narcissism and to distract players from other game issues?

Player 1: "One - Ready!"

Player 2: "Two - Ready!"

Player 3: "Three - Ready!"

Player 4: "Hmm... should I take the small eyes or those big eyes?"

Player 5: "pff the long hair makes all the difference!"

Player 6: "ssszzZZ the latest fashion trend are those pink backpacks!"

30 minutes later player 1-3 shot those fashion victims unintentionally down...



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