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WWIIMP mod missions

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I have 3 ready to use missions for this great mod by Reyhart:

OPERATION: Double cross

@ww2_co1-8 operation_double_cross.avignon

Mission made by Incubus (based on old mission by Rexxenexx)


"The Germans has a small fuel depot at Limoges. This gives us the green light to raid the city.

Your troops must go in the cover of night and take out all the troops.

There will be no armor only infantries."

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?scamsdt8tbs319c


V1-site raid

@ww2_co1-6 v1_site_raid.anjou


Raid the V1 site in North France. Reprogram the V1 rocket and shoot it to Hamburg.

Also blow up some armors and the new V2 rocket.

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?i71blgbsevzzbe1




No train to Leningrad

@ww2_co1-10 no_train_to_leningrad.zastava

We must secure small town next to Leningrad and cut off the train line before the siege start. Kill all enemy troops in town and occupy the train station. Also try to eliminate mortar teams on other shore of river.

LINK: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6FTCPCFQ



This mod needed to run this missions:


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Nice :) I must check the last one ;) but if it's so good like the other missions I'm happy. Thanx Incubus!


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I tried 'No train to Leningrad' and I have some thought about it.

First of all, mission is pretty unrealistic from historical point of view. As things happens during summer of 41 or 42, it's weird that there are weapons like G43 or MP44. Assault squad consisted of 10 people

Gruppenführer - Obergefreiter, MP40

Stellvertretende Gruppenführe (Squad leader assistant) - K98k + LP42 or G43 + Lp42

MG Gunner - Mg42

2x MG Assistant - K98k + 2 ammo boxes

Grenadier - K98k w/ Schießbecher

4 x Schütze (Rifleman) - K98k

Beside that, there is way to much automatic weaponary on soviet side (SVT-40). It really disturbs feelling of early years of war.

Anyway, mission is somehow ballanced in enemy vs player forces ratio and it's very fun after all. When I played it for the first time I destroyed MG nest and some infantry with PaK gun and then, decided to attack village from right flank. I quickly realized it is bad idea because my troops were taking unknown fire from village. I captured windmill and then I had to repel enemy counter attack. In harsh battle, after losing 4 people, I decided to move some of my troops to the main road. In the meantime, I moved at gun to village and started to repel waves of soviet troops. When HE ammo depleted, I was left with only 4 folks. It was hopless - I thought. Soviets began to lay suppresive fire and they were throwing grenades everywhere. I died respawned into mg gunner. As soviets over runned my positions I had hide somewhere. Well, the building I picked was very bad choice because I was quickly vaporized by about 4 grenades :D

road full of dead soviets


my hideout


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