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Restrict certain roles?

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i was wondering if it would be possible to restrict certain roles for only approved players?

Thinking about adding some soldiers with different uniforms then the other and have them only availible for squad members.

How can i do this?

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bumping this.

Can anybody assist me with this?

Tried to search but only find info about restricting vehicles...

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Your editing a mission for your squad?

And have a public server where you only want your squad members to have certain roles, is that the idea?

If so then I beleive you would have to script this, and make it so that a role uses a squad member's name

that way when a person gets in be it a public player if thats the idea, then the role is like locked to them,

same would go for squad members.

Here are a list of scripting commands to use as a reference:


A thought came to mind about this idea, is you could do like in the mission evolution blue

where you had to be a certain rank to have access to vehicles, and weapons, and if you

were lets say a private and tried to get into a vehicle you were not qualified to operate (dont have required rank)

then you would automatically be ejected from the vehicle and get a message saying

your rank is this and required rank is this.

I think that would work for you for what you have in mind. Instead of rank

you could do assign unitname or something like that.

Another idea is to look through the Armaholic script section, even

templates and get ideas, from premade stuff:


Theres also OFPEC


thats a good place to ask about how to do something for scripts,

and stuff for what your trying to do.

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