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Starting vehicle engine.

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Hi. I've looked around for the last 3 hours and didn't find an answer for my question. In my mission I want to make it appear as though the team has just disembarked from the chopper, and make the chopper lift up and fly off.

I need the chopper engines to be running while the mission starts, so it could easily fly off. This does not happen. If I spawn it it takes 5 seconds for the chopper squad to start the chopper and fly off. When I tried to set the SetEngine On it didn't work. When I tried to set it's flight height to 10 and set it to flying mode, it spawned a 100 meters high, then started flying in 10m height forward.

Is there any way I could make it so that at the start of the mission the chopper engines are already fired?

Thanks in advance!

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this is for Addons - configs and scripts, not missions.

i suggest you move your question to the mission subforum

on your question though: set the chopper flying mode, and use setPos to adjust it's start height

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In the editor, u must select Flying instead of In Formation

for script I dont know

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How about this?:

Its not EXACTLY the same, but im sure it will work better for you than what you are getting now.

Set a helicopter to FLYING and name it H1

Go to each of the squad members in your unit, and type in the init box:

this moveInCargo H1.

Then make a landing spot (empty>objects>H(invisible)) on a road or clearing or whereever you want the heli to land. (Dont worry, if you pick invisible, you wont get a huge H on the ground, it only helps the AI make a precise landing[Azimut of H = opposite direction the heli lands])

Now, select the HELI and make a waypoint DIRECTLY on the H(Invisible).


On the ON ACTIVATION in the waypoint, write:

H1 land "Land";

DONT add:

dostop H1, that will make the heli power off

this land "Land"; this refers to the object that is the wpt marker, NOT the object that executes the wpt.

and then make a waypoint for both your squad and heli right next to the helipad.

For the wpt for your squad, make it GET OUT. For the heli, just put MOVE.

Sync these waypoints. (Its not as effective as the (!alive) command, but it is quicker. The heli will resume its flightpath as soon as the SQUAD LEADER gets out.

Also try this if you experience probs:

Go to H1 (The Heli) > Init Box > This disableAI "Engine_off"; (or something like that)

after that, make a nother waypoint far away for the heli to go. (and probly sync final squad waypoint to a 'return' waypoint or radio trigger for EVAC at the end of mission)

Hope it halps!


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