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World Tools 1.4 released

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World Tools 1.4 has been released at http://www.pisto.it/worldtools/worldtools1_4.zip

Change log:

Version 1.4

- New function: Remap vegetation objects from existing islandprojects: use the full power of World Tools also in your old projects.

- Support for ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead objects (not included by default yet)

- New support site for World Tools at Dev Heaven.

- Updated template image management. Template size on disk reduced by 90%.

- New values on item classification list.

- Included Berghoff objects for user convenience.

- Some enhancements on the object selection list for Forest Generator.

Bug and requests: http://dev-heaven.net/projects/world-tools

Notification to ArmA web sites in progress.

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Yes. It's not a visitor replacement, but a tool that could create set of objects that could be imported in visitor.

Main use is fences and walls of every shape and size. Another feature is a forest generation tool (like the excellent maskmapper) but with some other features.

Full details and help in the included help :)

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