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    Just your average day in A3L
  2. Been meaning to upgrade to 7 or 8. However funds are the issue. Everything else runs just fine. Its only affecting Arma 3. if all else fails ill have to do this Ill definitely try this when i get home. Its likely the SSD is interfering with it. What i may also do is re-install it back on the HDD (tried this to no avail) then remove the SSD all together. if it doesn't happen then i know the issue is the SSD interfering with the CPU or with some virtual memory glitch.
  3. ill keep it nice and to the point since there's a lot to post. Played Arma 3 for over 300 hours now over the last year. Love it to death. Ran well and never had any crash or glitch issues with the game. i had a break from the game over Christmas for about 2 weeks. Anyhow, one of the toys i got for xmas was a new SSD so i decide to take my computer apart and give it an upgrade. Turn it back on and it just restarts. Go through BIOS and in the process i had loosened the fan and it was overheating. I fix it and go ahead and partition the new SSD. i copy it over to the new SSD and load up arma and jump into a multiplayer map. Takes awhile to load and when i get in after a min or two the game freezes for 1 to 3 minutes at a time. The game doesn't crash to desktop and it recovered itself. doing the same in editor or any form SP or MP replicated this issue. I then spent the next week trying to fix this issue. Ill list my specs and everything ive done below: Intel i7-2600 3.4GHz 8G DDR3 Corsair 1600 ram Vista 3x 500GB HDD 1x Samsung 840 128 GB SSD Asus mobo (cant remember the name off the top of my head. 2 years old and its a Z-XX something. no SLI capability.) Asus 760 GTX What ive tried in relative order: Turned off all mods Verified cache copied back to HDD Deleted everything, Clean install on HDD DL CPU Temp tracker to monitor - Max temp never exceeds the mid 60s. CPU capable of much higher temps due to sandy bridge OC capabilities. Updated Nvidia Drivers Installed Dev build Uninstalled Dev Build Task manager shows game "Not responding". Core usage drops instantly one freeze occurs. Another clean install on SSD - reverified cache Lowered settings to all low Turned off TrackIR Installed Samsung SSD 840 EVO Performance Restoration tool updated driveres for Samsung SSD Enabled HT (reverted once no solution) Enabled 8 cores (reverted once no solution) Max Mem 2047 -nologs -winxp -nobenchmark -windowed -world=empty -malloc=system Made sure windows page file was not disabled Overclocked the CPU and RAM (reverted afterwards) What causes the freezing Starting the game. Arma 3 logo is usualy followed by the same background without logo for 30-60 seconds then main menu appears loading the editor. just loading the editor map can take 3 minutes. loading bar zooms then stops suddenly. then continues after pause. Sometimes load is instant. 50/50 success rate Previewing mission in editor (loading the map). This is the same as above however the loading time is far far longer. upto 5-8 minutes. Game is not frozen or paused however as the txt for the map (Altis/Straits/VR) still gives random updating facts. 80% chance of happening Once in mission many factors can cause the pause-loop however they are all random. Standing still does not appear to cause anything entering a vehicle viewing map 3rd person Firing driving/flying pressing escape Sometimes its every 30 seconds however every now and then nothing happens for over 20 minutes. Very inconsistent and very frustrating. Ive got the cores and temps running through my G510 display and when theres a pause/loop all the cores drop to 2-3%. Core 0 is at an average of 40-50%. however sometimes core 2 when looping raises to 30% where it is normally at 10-20. Temps immediately drop to 40-50s when a pause happens too. Any help would be grateful. i have also recorded the issue happening multiple times so if u need video i can provide too. i really really want to play arma 3 again but im having absolutely zero progress :(
  4. lol true. But i meant old and new as in RHS soviet era 1980s through to the modern arma 3 style conflict because we all know its not going to get any quieter there anytime soon :/
  5. Yes! we need more maps like this to re-enact old and new middle eastern scenarios.
  6. Wait... i thought the mods had to be in the same folder. Is it possible to load mods from outside the folder? (this may explain some issues im having in the exact setup as op described)
  7. Same. Took me a while :)
  8. decoy255

    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    Hey guys. Decoy here. Been around the arma scene for a while since the opfor days. Absolutely loved the game and would spend hours just in the editor pitting apaches vs tanks and the like all the time. Anyhow my main focus is a chopper pilot. I rock keyboard and mouse with TrackIR5. That being said i do have a joystick however i only use it for fixed wing. But i love coop and adversarial missions so if your keen are in the +8:00 GMT timezone then hit us up and ill happily hot-drop u into the firefight in Arma2 or Arma 3!
  9. Bipods!!! please please let us use bipods and weapon resting!