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  1. I have tried with this and still not working: ["ON_UNIT_SPAWNED_CALLBACK", { person = (_this select 0); _nul = [person,(selectRandom ["LIB_M1895","LIB_WaltherPPK","LIB_TT33","fow_w_webley"]),16,20,west,1,0.7] execVM "externalScripts\ws_assassins.sqf"; {_actionID = person addAction ["<t color='#FF0000'>Interrogar</t>", "externalScripts\conversaciones.sqf",[],5,false,true,"","(alive _target)",3];} remoteExecCall ["bis_fnc_call", 0]; }],
  2. Hi Engima! I am having some troubles with the "ON_UNIT_SPAWNED_CALLBACK". I call to two scripts, the first one runs perfect in local and dedicated server, however the second one with the addaction does not work on dedicated. I have tried using remotexec on every machine and still does not work. ["ON_UNIT_SPAWNED_CALLBACK", { _nul = [(_this select 0),(selectRandom ["LIB_M1895","LIB_WaltherPPK","LIB_TT33","fow_w_webley"]),16,20,west,1,0.7] execVM "externalScripts\ws_assassins.sqf"; {_actionID = (_this select 0) addAction ["<t color='#FF0000'>Interrogar</t>", "externalScripts\conversaciones.sqf",[],5,false,true,"","(alive _target)",3];} remoteExecCall ["bis_fnc_call", 0]; }], Here is the script converasciones.sqf: private _poolFrases = ["LUGAREÑO: No se de que me habla.", "LUGAREÑO: Este es un pueblo tranquilo.", "LUGAREÑO: Solo hago mi trabajo y cuido a mi familia.", "LUGAREÑO: Por el amor de Dios, ¿no nos han interrogado ya bastante?", "LUGAREÑO: Yo solo estoy a mis cosas.", "LUGAREÑO: Por favor, no me haga daño, se lo suplico.", "LUGAREÑO: No quiero meterme en problemas con ustedes.", "LUGAREÑO: Seguro que mis vecinos no saben nada, somos gente humilde.", "LUGAREÑO: Dejen tranquilas a las mujeres y a los niños por favor." ]; titleText [selectRandom _poolFrases,"PLAIN DOWN"]; Any idea why is not working on dedicated? Thanks!
  3. srjuanma121

    Namalsk for Arma 3

    Does this mean Namalsk Crisis campaign for A3?
  4. srjuanma121

    World War II Units

    After yersterday's ArmA 3 patch 1.66 mod stop working on dedicated servers(at least) due to the dependence "A3_Characters_F".
  5. I found something interesting about this problem. If you set a trigger with sound effects, and you make a cinematic intro with different camera angles in different places in the map, the first time your camera is near to the trigger, the sound works perfectly. However if the camera jumps to an other position, and after that, the camera jumps again near the first position where the trigger is placed, the sound wont work anymore. Any solutions to this problem? I don't want to delete neither the sound effects nor the cinematic intro.
  6. srjuanma121

    Namalsk for Arma 3

    Any plans to port the Namalsk campaign to this? Please... It would be amazing.
  7. srjuanma121

    World War II Units

    Also all the US Airbone soldiers wear First Liutenant helmets :(
  8. srjuanma121

    World War II Units

    Nice work, but why not asign the same factions as Iron Front? BLUFOR-Germans | OPFOR-Russians | IND- US, so there would be no issues in changing uniforms.
  9. srjuanma121

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Iron Front mod has the uniforms dude! I tried to edit in the virtual arsenal the zombie and change his clothes to Iron Front nazi uniform but it brokes the zombie animations. I don't know why.
  10. srjuanma121

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    It would be nice also the ability to change zombies uniform. I want nazi zombies :)
  11. No, the trigger has no more conditions to activate. You can see on the video I post. Thank you for your invitation to play IF, I will let you know :)
  12. My trigger settings: Condition: true Repeteable: yes effects: hitlerspeech1 The thing is, if I place a trigger and the player unit close to it (like 200meters) the sound loop always works. If I do the same, but the player unit placed 4 km away from the trigger, when I go close to the trigger area again sometimes works sometimes not. Hope you understand now. The trigger is always active, since the begining of the mission. You have an example in this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=gp8ATvg2mLE&feature=youtu.be
  13. I did that, still not working. In SP editor this happens again. Sometimes work, sometimes doesn't.
  14. I tried again with today's hotfix and still happening :(
  15. I dont' know if my problem is about the broken triggers in 1.56, but the thing is.. if I set a trigger nerby the units respawn (like 300 around), it always works perfect. However if for example, I start the mission in a base and I have to conquer a village 4km away from the starting point, and in that village is set a radio playing a Stalin speech, sometimes works, sometimes not. Any idea what is happening? or someone else has this problem too?