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    Dark Zone Terrain WIP

    OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I would love to see the map overview? How big? I WANT THIS theme/style for an Exile server!! HMU twitter.com/ViBrationNC or twitch.tv/ViBrationNCRage
  2. vibrationnc

    Please fix the Memory Crashing

    Ok I have the file.. where to post it? Upload it to..I see no attach option. I have sent these in the past thru email with NO reply. I have just sent an email again.. with the rpt zip file to support@bistudio.com
  3. OMG.. The game is unplayable since the last update! I cannot go a 3 hour session without the damn game crashing at least 3 times!This was not a problem until after the last update!!!! I have sent reports and support tickets and NOBODY has replied! I have 3k hours played and the last few hundred makes we want to Stop Playing Arma.
  4. vibrationnc

    No maps

    All of my maps have disappeared except stratis and altis. I did delete a folder called @WORP but it was not in the Arma directory/subfolder. Anyone have any idea how I can edit my maps? Chernaruas, Eseeker, Borhnholm, Tavi... etc etc. Thanks guys
  5. So I have been getting memory crashes since last update... be it Exile Mod update or Arma update.. Im not sure which. Also I saved the crash log/report and I have no clue where/who to upload it to. Not sure whats in it.. IP/GUID etc.. so i dont know if its safe to post to public. Some advice and help please.. thanks