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  1. Totally agree with you.
  2. So it's a problem with the game, not just for me? Before the last larger patch there was no problem for me like this. So let's hope they'll fix this. Is there a way to send this to the developers or are they reading the forums anyway?
  3. Sorry, it should be good now.
  4. This is a bug that occurrs for me since the last big Arma update. My helicopters take off just a bit without me applying any throttle. (you can ignore the sideways movement, just the one upwards matters)It doesn't matter if I use a joystick or keyboard. Once I press the throttle key (to start the engine) the helicopter lifts off once it reaches high RPM. Even if I start the engine with the scroll menu and don't press any key at all, the helicopter still lifts by itself. The only way to stay on the ground with a runnig rotor is to keep pressing the decelleration key all the time, which is very annoying of course Flight model: Standard Mods active: None Joystick/gamepad: All disconnected for testing Helicopters: All affected Online/Offline/Editor: All affected I've played Arma 3 for 700h and I'm an advanced pilot, I didn't change any files or settings before this bug occurred. I've tried almost every thing to fix this (verifying game cache, reset controls, online/offline, different input devices) but nothing gets rid of this little bug. I hope you can help me Wambo
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    Sikorsky S-97 Raider - EARLY WIP

    Awesome, there can't be enough helicopters for me. I love all of them :D
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    Music Recommendations

    Nice one ;)
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    Funny & interesting videos

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    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    I'm not that new, I've already played Arma 3 for almost 700 hrs but didn't find my way to the forums until now :)
  9. Thanks for clearing this up.