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  1. A.Singh

    BIS Aircraft Carrier

    Cheers Guys
  2. A.Singh

    BIS Aircraft Carrier

    So do we have an interior in the tower/island? I'm still downloading it.
  3. A.Singh

    BIS Aircraft Carrier

    To be fair I assume a lot of time has gone into ensuring physics work on this thing, so a compromise is fair. My unit plan to supplement the carrier with another vessel for the infantry component, and keep the carrier for Maverick and Goose ;)
  4. A.Singh

    BIS Aircraft Carrier

    I think its just come as a shock to the average member, given that there are even outlines for the elevators on the carrier in the trailer. Even if the tower has a small room I'll be satisfied, I just want somewhere for infantry guys to hang out for a briefing, even if its small.