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  1. when i try to play the new campaign in sole or with friends. i get to the point where it says approve mission then that's it.. it wont go no further. im stuck on that screen???
  2. when i try to play the new apex campaign i get stuck on the approve mission ?? help??
  3. when trying to open up a3 launcher i get this message.....error parsing launcher data. please try again later. wtf??? and when i try to go through the aram3 server browser all servers are red??? help please.
  4. when trying to play any servers online i get kicked and same for the campaign. this is the messages i get then kicked?? No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgSurfaces/Roadway.rough'. then i get Addon 'A2OP' requires 'CA_BAF_Config' and also i get this Cannot Load texture ca\buildings\icons\i_camosmall_ca.paa any help please??
  5. when i try to join a server it kicks me off arma and says bad animation file?? i also get files are not signed?? help please, was ok before new eden update??
  6. after i downloaded the new update for arma 3 on steam i haven't been able to get on any servers??