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  1. The random version of the Assassination Mission tutorial places an ammo box in a random building. It uses Zen_SpawnAmmoBox but that's probably not more reliable than Zen_SpawnVehicle. When I wrote the tutorial I also struggled with these issues; ammo boxes are just sensitive to clipping. A call to setposATL will sometimes force the box back into a house. Mimir
  2. Besides the tutorials, the Zen_RandomPositions.Altis and Zen_SpawningDemonstration.Altis demonstrations were part of my contribution to the framework. The spawning demo took one minute from clicking the Preview button in editor to rendering of all objects. This is little slower than I remember it and the delay is probably caused by placing vehicles on a road. The random positions demo ran between three and four minutes which is about right - the avoid clutter portion of the code is about half of that time. A similar delay also occurs in the Fire Support Mission when the convoy is placed on the road. As biggdogg notes, none of the tutorials and few of the demos are optimized for speed. For another spawning example, the WarlordRandom Tutorial shows how to spawn multiple threads that run in the background. In this case each thread controls the behavior of a single AI group. To speed things up a little, I run ARMA from Steam with these command line parameters: -noSplash -noPause -noBenchmark -showScriptErrors -world=empty -cpuCount=8 exThreads=7 maxMem=4096 maxVram=2048 Mimir.
  3. First line of description.ext has been changed to: #include "Zen_FrameworkFunctions\Zen_DialogSystem\Zen_Dialog.hpp" Mimir.
  4. I can only answer the first question. Look in Zen_PositionFunctions.txt in the Zen_FrameworkDocumentation directory. Index.txt in this directory shows the location of all function documentation. And for a graphical view look at Zen_FindGroundPosition.html in \Zen_FrameworkDocumentation\Zen_Diagrams\Zen_FindGroundPosition directory. The demonstration mission in \Zen_RandomPositions.Altis give about 15 varied examples of the Zen_FindGroundPosition function. Mimir.
  5. It's possible. Change line 45 to _landingPosition = [_ObjectivePos,[600,1200],0,1,0,0,[1,0,20],0,[1,25],[1,6],[1,[0,0,0],20]] call Zen_FindGroundPosition; Parameter one is the destination of the convoy, parameter 2 is the range to consider, and parameter 9 keeps the helicopter away from water. 'Loosen' or 'tighten' parameters 7, 10 and 11 based on the map characteristics. I tested this call on Altis map and it gave good results. There is one non-trivial side effect. Since the landing zone and convoy start position are both randomly generated you could land very close to the convoy starting point. If you want more time to set up then increase the sleep time, increase the distance to the convoy start point (parameter 2 of line 68) and/or set the convoy travel speed from "normal" to "limited'. And you can delete lines 31 to 43 since there is no random landing zone calculation needed. Mimir. ---------- Post added at 04:54 ---------- Previous post was at 04:18 ---------- Change these from 'call' to 'spawn' and see if it works. Mimir.