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  1. Sounds good dude. Our unit loves to play your mission frequently. The EG spectator would be a great addition
  2. And Today It has happened again! THIS IS GETTING F***ING RIDICULOUS!
  3. Thanks for your responses guys. This is the second time its happened to me. As for your problem @Georg_Ravioli. Im not sure how to fix it. You could try unsubscribing to 1.7 in the workshop and resubscribing?
  4. Hi there, So today i go to log onto arma only to become infuriated because steam workshop is forcing me to redownload 34GB of mods. Originally all my mods were from the workshop and in the default directory. Now, steam has created a hidden folder called !workshop and moved every single mod there. This is fine, i can see all the files there. What is annoying me is that it is now redownloading every single one! WHY? I can see all the files that were previously there but it is trying to completely re download them all? Does anyone have a fix? I live in Australia and redownloading everything wtih our crappy internet isn't really an option Image Links https://gyazo.com/826bacb17696346a655f0319f3081dbe https://gyazo.com/da1dd1354a4892143022211639398a7f https://gyazo.com/bc0f092e0c172243ffe726610af8ab14
  5. danjoo

    New Respawn Screen (dev branch)

    Is there currently a way to use {"MenuPosition","MenuInventory","Tickets","Spectator"}; but have it use EG spectator mode? My unit 100% prefers the EG spectator over the current one implemented with the new spawn screen. Or is there at least a plan to implement this in the future?
  6. Hi. When using the menuposition and ticket respawn templates, upon reaching 0 tickets respawn is diabled which is fine. But the overlay still comes up over my specator screen. I can use the spectate controls to move around but the overlay is in the way. Anyone know function that kills the menupoisiton menu?
  7. Created a simple task today _test = [west, "Task_Name", ["Description", "Title", "??"], "markername", true ] call BIS_fnc_taskCreate; ["Task_Name","Meet"] call BIS_Fnc_taskSetType; Whilst playing around in the editor I noticed that if you run ["Task_Name"] call BIS_Fnc_DeleteTask; The diary entry is removed but the marker remains on the screen. This may be because alwaysvisible is TRUE? I tried ["Task_Name", false] call BIS_Fnc_TaskSetAlwaysVisible; before deleting but nothing happened. Obviously you can set it to succeeded or failed then delete, but I think the marker should delete regardless of the task state
  8. danjoo

    New Respawn Screen (dev branch)

    I have an issue on main branch o\in regards to the current respwan menus. Before 1.58 I had a script that would call the respawn inventory menu at the start of the game only once. [player] call BIS_fnc_respawnMenuInventory; Ever since 1.58 the script still gets called, but the respawn button is disabled. Even if i have code [west, "respawn_west"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition; (Link - https://gyazo.com/51db77da011648f6d93f04ca759ce760) Were there changes in 1.58 that may have changed the backend and broken this in preparation for the new upcoming respawn screen? Note: It might be useful to know I call the menu manually instead of using respawntemplates = {...} because as I mentioned earlier... the menu can't be used with the spectator mode, it overlays on top of it in the current build
  9. danjoo

    New Respawn Screen (dev branch)

    Looks promising... Currently using respawnTemplates[] = {"MenuPosition","MenuInventory","Tickets","Spectator"}; On the main build using the above templates together overlays the respawn inventory/position screen on top of your spectator view. I'm assuming you've fixed that in the Dev build :) I'm excited. Currently i've been relying on customs scripts being called to be able to use menu inventory and the spectator system together. Can't wait!