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  1. Hi! I know this community has been dead for a while now, but I must try! I was thinking if anyone could do FAB skin to Mil Mi-24V, since it's from my country. I know FAB have a different version of the aircraft, with some things that basic 24V don't have (like FLIR), but it can still be perfectly done. Best regs.
  2. Yes, there is a way to get gunner to shoot. Apearently, when u put a harder realism level (medium and expert) the gunner stop to use brain. Go to: Dificulty (any dificulty)>Edit>Enable all options avaible for gunner or AI.
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    Take On Taxi !

    Can you please provide a new download link? <3
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    Hind Training

    Can you please provide a new download link? <3
  5. Hi! I don't know if you guys even noticed, but when you go flying without being on a mission most of the heliports on the game simply doesn't load. The only pads who loads is the ones in the Highland's Heliport and the one on Vrana building, but everything else has a blurry texture. So, there is any way to force these other pads to render? Y'know, we have a lot of heliports on the map (since we have SWAT L.Z., ION L.Z., Mr. Haydon private heliport), but we can just fly to 2 of them :-(