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    Arma 3 Units - Closed Beta Feedback

    Not sure if this has already been said, didn't read the whole thread :p The left and right arrows of the media section are drawn over the bottom left and right, when you try and click watch on youtube, or change the quality etc it switches to the next video or image in queue.
  2. Anyone else having problems with the arming menu? every time i try and click the bottom left missile/rocket slot in the pod/rack arming box it exits the menu.
  3. Hello! Thanks for the amazing mod, it looks awesome and works great, we would like to use the mod in our units modpack to play with during operations (ARMA 3). There is one small thing that is keeping us from using it however. Seems like whenever there is a player controlled pilot + a player controlled gunner, the gunsight lags behind where you move your mouse to aim, like it takes time to update the crosshair & gun position (3 seconds) to where the gunner is actually looking. This problem does not occur with player controlled gunners and an AI pilot. How to reproduce: Get in the gunners position, have a friend enter pilot. Take off and try and look around with the gun.