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  1. Is there any ways to get high command working in multiplayer? A mission i made has High Command enabled and works in editor preview/singleplayer, but when i upload it to my server i rented it no longer works. I've heard it's possible but doesn't work that easily and you have to do something to get it working, but i've never found info about how to do this something. Google isn't really helping me here. I'm planning to make a mission/mode where High Command is vital to it working (A RTS-esque Coop/PvP mode). (I'm not sure if this should be in this subforum or in multiplayer, can a moderator please move according to where it belongs if this is the wrong place)
  2. Fanskapi

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    But then proceeds to whine how Helicopter DLC is too expensive. (I do actually agree with that, but i don't donate on life servers atleast.)
  3. Fanskapi

    Arma3 MMO

    Well, Altis Life servers with connected databases could be concidered MMO. I would love a gamemode that is like RO2 multiplayer campaign where you play maps where a win/loss influences what map you play next (and where one side can win.) I think Heroes and Generals does a similiar thing. That coupled with ARMA3s engine/gameplay would actually be damn awesome. First playing on Stratis, then Altis...then, well, here we need to talk to some map makers to make some new Greek-y styled maps. (Or do campaigns on older ARMA maps.)
  4. Sorry for a bit offtopic reply to you, but, you probably know what you are talking about, do you know of any active modes/missions that are public and play PvP "milsim"? (A 1 life PvP mission with objectives) My milsim unit only does coop atm because of us being only about 30ish people in it.
  5. Fanskapi

    life/rpg mods welcome in arma 3 ?

    I'm not going to vote because theres no "No, but i still play it" or "Varied opinions" vote option. I play them and like the modes themselves, but the people playing them are often immature. (Besides maybe police often seem to act mature, because they have to be whitelisted most of the time.) They buy the games and give money to BIS so they can (hopefully, looking at you BIS!) fix some of the issues that hinder various gameplay moments, but they often give a false impression of what the game is about (while there is really no objective, it's a military simulator at heart.) on media platforms like YouTube. You can control armies in this wonderful FPS game but what do most people do? Run around and KOS on various solo-modes. I've just recently gotten into a milsim and loving every moment of it, compared to solomodes, it's a gold mine of experiences. TL;DR So really, yes, i welcome them - it adds to the content the community has to offer. But also at the same time, most solo modes encourages lone wolf behaviour, and while it doesn't affect the milsim/coop communities, it does give a false impression to newcomers about what the game is about. (Was not really a TLDR tbh, i just repeated myself...my forum'ing skills are horrible, sorry) ---------- Post added at 07:41 ---------- Previous post was at 07:34 ---------- While not a teenager, this is what happened to me. I bought ARMA2 for DayZ to play with some friends (and because i was interested in milsim after watching Dsylexi (not going to spell his name right) too). Well, i loved to play around with the editor in OFP back in the day when i was a kid, that was the first contact with the ARMA series. But now? I just recently got into milsim and im loving it. So i'm proof that your statement might be correct.
  6. Fanskapi

    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    Hello, i'm new to BISTUDIO Forums and will mainly be using this forum to find solutions to problems that might occur or to give feedback. (Currently wanting to ask but can't because of post count thingy...) BI games i own ARMA2/ARMA3/DAYZ-SA. Currently planning to make a mode/mission for multiplayer (ARMA3) where you act as a commander and wage PvE and PvP battles RTS style.