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  1. They look frickin awesome... but I would not have so many AC systems... :)
  2. geozero

    Expansions Menu showing multiple copies

    same issue now with mcc4. never had the problem before. Is there no answer to this?
  3. Drongo this looks like a pretty cool set of scripts. I am having some issues though. The enemy spawns as blue force???? I thought I changed the sides in one of the scripts... any suggestions?
  4. geozero

    [SP] Insurgency generator

    Wow... just found this. Played the first mission... got my ass kicked and loved every second of it. Awesome job!!!!
  5. PM me. I want to try a map and go from there. I think we can make these pretty fast with a group of people.
  6. Much appreciated. PM me your details.
  7. I was asked my a member to look at an area in Christchurch... here's a quick image I rendered. From here I can make heightmaps, etc. Just an example of what can easily be done map wise. Now just need people that understand the config codes, etc. https://www.dropbox.com/s/1lq2bwtqi5psbap/New%20Zealand%20WIP.JPG?dl=0
  8. geozero

    Where is the map_data folder?

    Roger that BadLuckBart. Haven't done anything yet... will work on it later today or tomorrow and will report any issues or findings. Again, thanks for the help. Much appreciated!!
  9. geozero

    Where is the map_data folder?

    Thanks for quick reply. I do have the P Drive mounted. Through the Arma Tools (not from inside Steam but from the actual folder file on C drive). It shows mounted. Still, I will give it a shot, un-mount it and look through your information. Anything to get this to work correctly. Once again, thanks for the info. Great to know I am in good company.
  10. Kaysio, have you looked at some of the required files and file structures for creating terrain maps? Let me know if this is an area that you know... I've been doing more and more of the map design end of stuff, and have some good ideas on some new "islands".
  11. geozero

    Where is the map_data folder?

    Tim, I suspected that BUT when watching this tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibe3kDD3Ep4) at exactly the 12:00 minute mark they show a folder with the files in it... not the compressed pbo. (this is the problem with many of the tutorials and videos out there that they don't show everything IMO or skip vital parts, like extracting a pbo file). But I digress... In any event, how would I extract the files from a pbo? Sorry for the noob question, I do not see an extractor in Arma Tools. Many thanks... eager to learn this stuff.
  12. Tried searching and did not find... but where is the map_data folder that contains all the game .paa files, etc.?
  13. I want to start a small group of collaborators to design maps for ARMA 3 to expand on the game. I think a lot more can be done to add better terrain variations. It is easier to do this as a group than alone, that way we can tap into each other’s strengths and resources instead of getting discouraged or project fizzling out. My Strengths- I am a map geek. I’ve even worked with the Defense Mapping School. I have designed maps and wargame scenarios for several other game makers. • Love map making • Have software to generate random fractal maps, 3D landscapes and height maps for unbelievable design • Understand the basic map making concepts of ARMA3 (except the config coding stuff) • Have PhotoShop, Corel X7 Suite, L3DT, and many other programs • Have many proprietary maps and tools collected for over 20 years (like I said I am a Map geek) My Weakness – I suck at programming. Have no patience for programming, debugging or learning that. Why A Team Will Work – Consider this: a team of 2 or more collaborators can work on several parts of a map design at the same time, meet online or via email offline and exchange files through Dropbox. It would not take too long to develop several (yeah more than one map!!!) Terrain Map and have it designed and configured to go. The basic concept of designing the “map†i.e., the height map, normal, mask, etc. is actually fairly straight forward and easy. The tougher part (at least for me) is creating the damn config files and compiling it all. There just isn’t a single solid resource that shows and explains everything. I don’t want to fumble through stuff. I don’t want to waste hours of trial and error. There are many of you out there that already understand the code part and maybe hate the map design part or don’t care for it… YOU are the perfect person to collaborate with. LET’S DO THIS!!! PM me your details.
  14. geozero

    alpha maps from L3DT

    I am new to this but don't you need the following: heightmap.xyz normal sat map (satelite) mask And you'd need the maplegend and layers config file. Plus a few other things.
  15. Jakerod's tutorial is really good. I wish there was more though... more details, step by step with images, or YT video. I've seen a few videos online yet they all seem to sort of wander off, get things wrong, return to something, leave something out... I applaud the folks making them but really show edit the video so instead of watching 6 or 7 thirty minutes clips they could be condensed down to maybe 2 clips and provide more detail. I would be willing to help anyone make such a video.