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  1. Healbeam

    The Campaign is unplayable

    I died at least ten to twenty times every mission, but that's because of my lack of patience (I was using x4 time 90% of the time). The only missions I really struggled with were Bingo Fuel (not the second cistern part, but the initial powerplant assault) and some scouting missions when I accidentally took an SMG instead of a proper rifle. But that aside, the campaign really isn't that hard.
  2. Healbeam

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    Wha..? I was so hoping for furniture :( When did they say that?
  3. Healbeam

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    Sleep tight my ass! I set the alarm clock to 3AM, half an hour less of sleep (actually, how long is the presentation anyways?) should be worth it :) @Darkside: No. I'm sorry, but no. Sure, maybe as NPCs spawned by the mission maker (kinda like the raptors in Jurassic ArmA), but not random spawns. I'd imagine I'd be seriously pissed if company HQ was eaten by a tiger during a tactical mission, haha
  4. Healbeam

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    3AM, I believe. EDIT: Welp, ninja'd.
  5. Healbeam

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    But five years after a civil war that killed half the island's population. I'd imagine that war left a little more traces.
  6. Wait in line! We already asked for DCS in arma, then Steel Beasts, then Spintires, then Euro Truck Simulator 2, then you can have your Silent Hunter! :P
  7. The whole magic radar needs to go. Give us a radar with a limited FOV with an actual screen in the cockpit, not a HUD element. That way you actually have to slew the radar around (and be aware of people under the radar or behind you) and lock on to people (preferably even with a simple representation of IFF) instead of spamming R + M1 all day. That said, a large submarine currently has no place in ArmA 3. The only subs we need are recon subs, which we have. The larger subs are either carrying nuclear warheads (which we don't need at all) or are designed to silently attack large vessels (which we don't have at all). Let's see how much the expansion does about that lack of naval assets though.
  8. Healbeam

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    Looks like the TacBF mod or Squad will be the right game for you.
  9. Healbeam

    What is wrong with bohemia developers

    Yeah, okay, you win this one. This was just behaviour I usually only see on the steam kindergarten.
  10. Healbeam

    What is wrong with bohemia developers

    Steam forums are leaking.
  11. Well, they kind of acknowledged the problem by fixing it in DayZ with their new inventory system which pretty much eliminates the need for an action menu. Just hoping we'll see this system in ArmA 4 some day.
  12. Healbeam

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    Well, the real Chernarus doesn't have an airport either, and the northwest of Lemnos is completely empty. So BI could always add airports and villages how they please.
  13. Healbeam

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    I think part of the reason why naval warfare in ArmA 3 is currently so unpopular is the system modelling. Currently, it is just boring. Driving a boat takes almost no skill because of the lack of obstacles or roads. You just hold W and wait. Being a gunner or commander is equally unsatisfying because the copy-pasted RCWS offers no challenge and thus, no reward. Submarines are even worse. Sometimes you sit 15 minutes in total darkness, at painfully low speed. Nothing to look at, nothing to do. So, I think unless BI implements *some* sort of systems, I don't think naval warfare will ever be popular. Even a simple navigation system or a more sophisticated radar might ease the boredom. Another problem, at least with bigger ships, is the inability to walk on the vehicle. The current boats don't really offer much space anyways, but even on some patrol boats, you'd probably feel constrained when locked in your position. Another problem would be landing on the beach or a dock in first person when you can't walk over to the railing and take a look at how close you are. Lastly, one of the most important tasks of naval assets are logistic missions. Until we are able to properly load crates into vehicles, I don't think people will want to do that in vanilla.
  14. Healbeam

    new expansion comparison to ARROWHEAD

    I disagree. We already have plenty of community-made maps and weapons, and I've pretty much given up on them in terms of optimisation, so the only thing I really want now is a proper ending to the campaign.
  15. Healbeam

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    Maybe slightly off-topic, but what can we realistically expect from the new terrain, apart from the location? Would the ArmA 3 engine support jungle? Can we expect larger towns? Furniture? How large could the map be? Is Altis the most you can get out of the game without large FPS drops?