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    Can't Play Arma 2 Multiplayer

    I can play single player. When trying to get into a server though, it just kicks me right back out. Always a new error. The 2 most common are Battle Eye failed to update, and I have deleted content that is required to play on this server. I don't know who has the deleted content me or the server. All I did was download this through Steam. Such a shame because this is the only game I want to play. Was even thinking of a new game rig to play Arma 3 on, now I just don't know. I've tried all the fixes you can find on YouTube for the 2 problems I've listed. One post had me copy add-ons folder to OA from Arma2 folder. Another showed how to update Battle Eye through Steam, but that option didn't show when I tried it in Steam. I know this game is great, I'm so disappointed. All the dots in the server list are yellow and have a question mark on them. Some are just green but no matter the color of the dot I get kicked back out. I've actually gotten into a few (with green dots) where I could go as far as selecting a team and a position, but when I hit ok to play, back out to the menu. Well, I hope someone can help me cuz Ill feel so ripped off if not. Don't understand why I have to jump through hoops to get this to play? And it seems I'm not the only one with this problem.