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  1. cmcssc

    Max Melee Weapons

    use this to fight with the Zombie should save some ammo
  2. cmcssc

    Cave System

    Can AI also move in?
  3. cmcssc

    CMCSSC MK17 Alpha TEST

    This is the Rainbow Six style MK17,in real life the SOCCOM didn't change the AAC Flash Hider style until now,I know AAC have many other smaller one,but SOCCOM didn't use them. Like the MK17 Flash Hider,it also have the 5.56mm version,but MK16 SOCCOM use the AAC other version,Who knows why?
  4. cmcssc

    CMCSSC MK17 Alpha TEST

    As bolo861 said,RHS and RH AN/PEQ-15 Top is a exclusive accessories align for some guns,not every guns can align with it,even RHS itself,I'm sorry about that.
  5. cmcssc

    CMCSSC MK17 Alpha TEST

    Addon update,add MK17 STD S,MK17 CQC S,allow user to use the 100round C mag
  6. Bullets use the memory LOD to set the memory point,not the proxy
  7. cmcssc

    CMCSSC MK17 Alpha TEST

    no plan to make the Accessories for MK17 because there are already many good ones, like RH,RHS,RKSL,CUP,SMA ,not needed to do the same thing again
  8. cmcssc

    CMCSSC MK17 Alpha TEST

    Already fix it,sorry the config problem.
  9. cmcssc

    CMCSSC MK17 Alpha TEST

    Addon upgrade,add MK17 STD EGLM,MK17 CQC EGLM https://imgur.com/kqTaeml https://imgur.com/ueE3PoY https://imgur.com/ox6M6OB
  10. cmcssc

    CMCSSC MK17 Alpha TEST

    I think if you really have a nice 3d model and texture,in all kind of game engine,you will get a good result,just we have to learn how to import it.
  11. cmcssc

    CMCSSC MK17 Alpha TEST

    Thanks for your information,you can try my sound sample,I think it's much better now.
  12. cmcssc

    CMCSSC MK17 Alpha TEST

    Don't worry the texture,no matter the MK20,MK17,now it's only for the test,test the 3D model,test the texture, test the rvmat setting,test the sound. There are still many things to do,like MK20 the NightForce scope and Harris bipods are not finish,MK17 EGLM and SCAR 47 and 100round Cmag still wip. I think I'll pack the SCAR family into one PBO maybe wait ARMA 4 coming out,now I just hope I have the time to finish all my SCAR family!
  13. cmcssc

    CMCSSC MK17 Alpha TEST

    Actually the mk17 texture is better than MK20,especially I remake the smdi map,let the metal part of the gun get the better metal feeling. The MK20 just have more scratches and dirt .
  14. cmcssc

    CMCSSC MK17 Alpha TEST

    Thanks for the Information,I'll give it a try!
  15. cmcssc

    CMCSSC MK17 Alpha TEST

    sorry but that is the best scar real sound I can find on youtube.