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  1. aloe

    Changing into a bird upon relog?

    By process of elimination found that when disableAI = 0 in Description.ext respawn for JIP is operating normally Editor screenshots Mission there
  2. aloe

    Changing into a bird upon relog?

    youpala, restriction on the number of groups is not the root cause, in the completely empty (dedicated) server, picture is still the same and it appeared after the Eden 3D update, arises when porting mission from 2D to 3D. The problem at lower levels
  3. aloe

    Changing into a bird upon relog?

    I hope to fix soon, it's really important. Until then one option - kick seagulls)
  4. aloe


    I have the same problem in a 2d editor everything works fine for JIP. But in 3D editor (with respawn type 3) JIP player started as seagull (connected through one try). I tried to find out, and found that this is due to the fact that the player all the time isNull
  5. Hi Code34 :). No, this is not entirely a conscious class name) That should be one class, responsibility is - provide a convenient interface to the database (connection, read, write, etc.). I am a pioneer in working with git, but I will be glad to cooperation of our efforts towards a common goal and help the community. Give please me your contact-mail or vk.com or skype or jabber :icon_smile:.
  6. This is a simple class to connect to the database for extDB2, but the implementation via the singleton will look easier and stable for any instance: Code: _databaseConn = ["new", ["MySQL_test_database_1", "SQL_CUSTOM_V2", "/"]] call DatabaseExtDB2Connect;
  7. Hello all. Is it possible to call methods in the context of class?. ie call static methods. For example, for the realization of the "singleton" pattern? Something like: _myObj = ["getInstance", _params] call MySingletonClass; or _myObj = _params call MySingletonClass_getInstance;
  8. code34, I'm afraid you have not understood correctly, this is all the difficulties of translation. I have not (yet) going to expand macros. While only want to know which macros can use and which are not
  9. Yes, but I was wondering if I can use macros, see "Group: Internal Macros", without unforeseen consequences: ENSURE_INDEX, CHECK_THIS, CHECK_ACCESS, CHECK_TYPE, CHECK_NIL, CHECK_MEMBER, CHECK_VAR, GETVAR, GETSVAR, GETCLASS, CALLCLASS, MOD_VAR, INC_VAR, DEC_VAR, PUSH_ARR, REM_ARR, GET_AUTO_INC? Some of these macros are used in first post, I would like to know the full set of available macros
  10. Hi Naught, great work. thanks I am very interested in this approach to scripting. And in the future, I want to wrap up your work as a module that would oop.h file was available from any folder / subfolder in the mission. Where can I get the complete documentation describing the methods that I use in class and in the context of an object from the "code"?