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  1. Hey everyone, I too have issues with ARMA 3 crashing randomly during games (and once even just sitting in the main menu while I was AFK) with AND without mods, since some time late last year it has been a problem for me. There doesn't seem to be any particular situation or even that causes it, and it occurs anywhere from 5 minutes to over an hour into playing - sometimes it doesn't crash at all. I have PM'd razazel links to my crash logs, you guys should do the same so perhaps he/she can spot a trend in what causes it. I find it ruins my immersion when in the middle of an amazing firefight with my friends, my game decides to instantly crash to desktop with the annoying memory access violation. My friends sometimes have the same crash too, but it seems I get it more often. They don't know how to fix it. Good luck razazel.
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    hey this is a great mission! played it solo and forgot to go as a repair specialist, and couldnt repair the many vehicles I found, which impacted my first experience quite heavily :( . Just played with a friend, and we did really well and found a helicopter too, this time I was a repair specialist and had a toolkit. We repaired the chopper (an Orca) and my mate was the pilot, as we lifted off, I think an enemy helicopter's missile hit us and we exploded :( I have not really found any bugs yet, but I do think that the respawn system needs work. There is no point in having a medic, or finding medical supplies, if you just respawn nearby after 5 seconds. Perhaps, before the competition, try to implement some kind of different respawn mechanic or perma-death script? Maybe ask to use another modder's revive script would be awesome, and if all players in the team dies the entire mission starts over again. This would make it a lot more risky than rambo-attacking a CSAT squad, or having a team mate take cover nearby and also going rambo on the baddies. Quite a lot of enemies spawned with only 2 players, and it was a good challenge - in single player was also pretty challenging, I came across many enemies, also got chased by an enemy gunship for a while. I have a question though - once we get a helicopter, what do we have to do so that it says "mission complete" or ends the mission? Just fly up high enough to trigger the event? Or fly across the land-mass until over the ocean, and this is considered mission complete? Thanks!