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  1. I've just finished this campaign and ... woaaaouh ! Excellent job ! Congrats !
  2. xD Okay, I will follow your project contention Zone too :D Thank's for the content !
  3. Thank's bolo ! IndeedPete, I love your campaign and if you need some voice, i could help you a few if you wan't but I've a terrible bad accent because i'm french ^^
  4. Hello, In the mission sauerland express, at the beginning when I ask my partner to board an HEMTT, the game crash. If I enter as driver, the game doesn't crash but nothing happened.
  5. Morrifire

    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    Hello, i'm new here ! I post because I can't made new thread in the "modding forum" I would know how to do for have a vehicle lifted at an helicopter at the initialisation of a mission. Thank's for your answers, and sorry for my approximated english !