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    FADE kicked in on Steam and GOG versions.

    I've reinstalled Steam and Cold War Assault in new location, started new game and AI bots in resistance campaign still do not not obey many orders when they are in the armored vehicles. The most annoying - i can only do something when i'm the gunner or driver of the tank - when i take a commander's seat - my crew doesn't obeys orders. Also, when i order "move to the next waypoint" - my tank won't move, until i get out of the tank. And i don't run any software when i play, nor any trainers, cheats or other stuff.
  2. sweetkitten

    FADE kicked in on Steam and GOG versions.

    After re-launching the game i managed to finish Cold War Assault campaign almost without issues (except there was no video when you meet friends at the bar and game ends, just black screen). Currently i'm playing Resistance campaign and i had encountered another nasty bug. Any mission involving tanks is impossible to play - AI companions simply do not obey some orders and ignore enemies in armored vehicles. Also, after any order, they say: "3, roger that.", like third AI bot is their commander, not me, first!!! How to fix this? I've already finished Resistance campaign few years ago on another PC using CD version of game and there certainly were no any game-breaking bugs that i've seen in digital versions of Cold War Assault.
  3. sweetkitten

    FADE kicked in on Steam and GOG versions.

    I'm pretty sure that this is not a simple bug. In the helicopter mission when you attacked convoy it was absolutely impossible to hit any targets with 30mm cannon or 57 mm rockets - rounds will simply hit anything in circle AROUND target, but not close enough to even scratch it. My AI companion basically destroyed all targets. And i'm curious - what exactly triggers this so-called DEGRADE thingy in full, non-pirated version and how to avoid it. Also, i have not installed any mods nor i used any cheats - the game is perfectly "stock".
  4. Ok, so i've bought Arma: Cold War Assault 2 times (legitimately, no pirating!!!). First time i noticed this in the mission "Rolling Thunder". My tank crew ignored any orders. Next - in the mission when you pilot attack helicopter it was impossible to hit any target - accuracy was so bad. Next - in the mission when you need to destroy 3 Shilkas - when i order my crew drive Shilka or shoot - they ignored all orders - just like in the "Rolling Thunder" mission. All this wizardry happened with my legitimately purchased GOG.com version. I was thinking that this was caused by using cheat "endmission" or by using game saves i found on the internet. I uninstalled gog.com version, deleted game saves, cleaned system with Cleaner program and bought ANOTHER license version of this game on Steam. I even installed Steam version on different HDD partition, but EXACTLY same problems appeared when i played missions since "Rolling Thunder".
  5. sweetkitten

    Dialog skipping in Red Hammer

    Anybody knows how to skips dialogs in this game? Example: in the mission Hind Attack, when you meet your team.
  6. sweetkitten

    Framerate drops

    I have the same problem. PC: Athlon 3000+ 1 GB RAM nVidia GeForcce GT240 Game does not run smooth despite any graphic settings. Framerate drops from 60 fps to 10 fps randomly.