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  1. Hey shay, I haven't asked a stupid question in quite some time now.. like a week or more. Really sorry about that. So what's a 'bounding box'?
  2. Make sure you have a multi-tool and claymores in your inventory. Go up to any door, hold your MCC interact key, and you will see the option to either lock / unlock doors as well as place a breaching charge (claymores). 100% on Altis + Stratis, with many doors now working in alternate maps. Don't forget to pick up a video probe too if you haven't already.
  3. Mr_IC

    ASR AI 3

    I don't have any problem with AI engaging me when I'm in a vehicle.. the problem, and it seems to be a general problem with ArmA, is no matter what AI mod is being used the AI will literally stand still and let you drive over them. They aren't shy about using any type of weapon, but I suppose what I'm asking is - is there a way to force them to run for their lives as any person would if a vehicle just drives right up to them? Appreciate it! I don't mess with the individual class configs so my group's good to go. Thanks - I'll take a look and see if it's absolutely needed.
  4. Mr_IC

    Enhanced Movement

    @BB: I dunno if you've tested it much on AiA TP maps or other non-vanillas, but it's working very well. Climbed over a wall in northern Clafghan, then on to a tool shed looking thing, and proceeded to dome 3 CSAT from prone. Like a boss. Then my mom called me downstairs to celebrate my 35th birthday.
  5. @shay / spirit: When I set evac helis down with the 3d editor, and then add "Control with MCC Console", the units aren't available through commander console. I can still control them by clicking them and assigning waypoints etc.. but are they supposed to show up under EVAC menu in the commander console? Also - I'm not sure (surprise!) if I'm doing something wrong or what, but even when using EVAC units through commander console, the heli's tend to miss the final waypoint and either hover or fly around. I tested this in various landing scenarios, whether pick-up or drop-off, hot LZ or empty map. edit: I'm using Smoke for pick up and fast rope for drop off now, every single evac. It's working pretty consistently. By the way, if fast rope is selected via evac command, will it automatically consider every passenger in the helicopter?
  6. Mr_IC

    Enhanced Movement

    whoa yea. I was just wondering if the AI would occasionally and accidentally 'discover' the animations and suddenly leap a wall or something. Looking forward to more though man, can't wait.
  7. Mr_IC

    Enhanced Movement

    Is it possible to have AI access these animations? Or is that like dividing by zero?
  8. Starcos, you just roll on and mostly ignore me. I hadn't tested mutiny myself, and just figured it shared commander consoles with everyone. Why would I provide feedback without having actually tested it? It's a good question. I'm required by state law to wear a prescription helmet at all times. I most likely unbuckled it to eat handfuls of dry cereal, so that would explain some of my recent posts. Apologies - it's dark in my basement you know.
  9. hahaha man, just have my posts deleted when they're completely useless. Earlier I was what - saying f was the key, over and over, when it was p? The best part is I hadn't changed the keybinding and forgot etc. Just old fashioned herpderp. Don't everyone laugh at once at this question: if I'm only interested in coop, should I only be putting down 1 MCC Start module (blufor)? And then 3 more separate, unlinked modules for Settings, GAIA, and Cover?
  10. Right, but what he is saying is - 'mutiny' is a fun way of addressing your issue. It allows all players access to the Commander Console. You hit 'p', and instead of seeing 'take command' you will see 'start mutiny' or something similar. It's not like you suddenly become opfor, but rather you're letting your commander know he isn't the only one now. I can't say I've tried it myself, but I know the feature is there.
  11. @shay / spirit: when laying down MCC modules, what happens if I link the Main HQ of blufor with Main HQ of opfor? Also - can I just put both start location modules right next to each other, then link a single common set of all other MCC modules to both? or is that like dividing by zero? Minor request for the MCC GAIA module in editor - is it possible to have the same 1(Rookie)-10(Veteran) settings for each of the 4 AI categories, as they are in-game? Not a big deal, but thought I'd ask.
  12. Mr_IC

    Enhanced Movement

    @Benson: do windows have codes or whatever labeling them as 'open' or 'shuttered' etc? I was wondering if it's possible to implement movement through windows. If you're already working on that, I'll try to finish my 'semi-crouch gotcha scrubs! dual-fingerpistols pose' animation.
  13. Add my thanks as well for explaining it a bit more. Been testing it for a few hours now - wow Spirit this is impressive. BI needs to step their game up before it becomes ArmA III: the Definitive Mod for MCC. That, or give you guys a job. I'll let you know when I have actual feedback, rather than a chain reaction of derps, because my mind is kinda blown for the time being. edit: when can I have my gaming life back, please? I used to look forward to other games.
  14. Mr_IC

    ASR AI 3

    I've been asking around, and I'm sure you're well aware of this - but it must be difficult to make enemy AI react to even an Offroad. As long as there isn't a grenadier or AT, the player can just roadkill opfor until there's no one left. Have BI hardcoded silly non-reactions for AI to vehicles? I host a small group coop session, mostly spec-ops type stuff + CQB, so it's not really a big deal. We'd rather fight vehicles than fight in them anyway. Also I see you're going to further improve AI's use of buildings. I'm anxious to try this, because I've already had AI hunt me when I tried to camp a bit. Wouldn't mind at all if CQB got even more ridiculous. Another thing I never knew (sorry, new to pc gaming ha): so it's better to have not only myself (non-dedicated host), but everyone in my group run ASR AI? I have to say I was about to try this anyway. Will all of our configs need to be identical? I also like the compatibility built-in for GAIA. The scripted reactions you feature - if I understand them correctly - only occur when the AI has no waypoints or 'orders'? The question I have then is: what happens when GAIA controls most or all units in an area? Do any of the units then have any ASR AI features active on them? I only ask because MCC's info suggests that users running specific AI mods need not worry - that GAIA is more of a group / faction level AI mod and should not interfere with other AI mods. I've been trying to get time to test this stuff, but I thought I'd ask for your input first. Again, just wanted to say thanks for all the work you've put in to making this game a fantastic cooperative experience.
  15. Are you referring to the old MCC Tablet (a replacement for the GPS, in items)? If so, that's been done away with. The new system requires mission makers to sign in with P, hit the Take Command button, then exit. All of the MCC Commander Tablet functions will then be in the scroll wheel action menu thing.