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  1. Raffal

    AEGIS - Surrender Script

    with ACE version show this error: It seems no longer work
  2. Ok guys... I think solved simply by changing the settings of respawn in "description.ext". The settings that respond well to the module are as follows: respawn = 3; respawnDelay = 10; Apparently the "Respawntemplates {"Menuposition"}; and "respawnOnStart = 1"; create some problems to turn back the unit on the initial character. I hope it is of help to other people who will want to use this module correctly.. Regards!!
  3. Hi guys, i have a problem with module "AceSwitchUnit". I have put this module in a patrol coop ALiVE mission, and put this command in units init field: this setVariable ["ACE_CanSwitchUnits", true]; but it seems that the module after a few minutes and after 3 or 4 respawn doesn't work anymore. The problem occurs in MP and dedi... :( Can someone help me? thx in advance!
  4. Hi guys, it seems that the module in question "ACESwitchUnits" does well his work after respawn , I wrote this in the init.sqf and into OnPlayerRespawn.sqf ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// if (side player == Independent) then { player addEventHandler ["respawn", {player setVariable ["ACE_CanSwitchUnits", true];}]; } foreach allPlayers; /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// .... but nothing!! :( some help? thx in advance... ;)
  5. YES, same problem... on dedicated server players ejected, but parachutes not equipped need fix! Thanks for sahring beerkan B)
  6. Yes....I confirm, the module already contains this information, and you can change....Anyway good job Larrow, u scrpt work perfectly.... thanks for your help ;) Only little question: Can I extend the script to multiple modules with this string? _logic = [m1, m2, m3, m4, m5, m6]; thx all for support!!
  7. thanks Larrow will try it and let you know..... B)
  8. Hi guys, I have a question, how do I turn off an entire minefield (created by module BIS) via trigger? Let me explain: In my mission I have placed a module for the creation of a minefield, the player's task is to try to destroy a generator that supplies electricity to the mines. Once identified and destroyed, mines should automatically neutralize. Is there a way to disarm the mines module via trigger? Thanks for your help
  9. either...but in editor & singleplayer trigger work & hint & marker too...think it's a problem of variable in the trigger
  10. Hi guys, I have a problem with a trigger in multiplayer and on dedicated server . In editor and single player this works perfectly . The trigger must show some markers on the map when two players meet at a distance of about 5m . I used this condition but not work for multy & dedi . Trigger name "INTEL" Trigger condition : p1 distance p2 <5; On act: hint "Intel acquired"; mark = createMarker [format["%1marker",pos1],getpos pos1]; mark setMarkerType "hd_destroy"; mark setMarkerColor "ColorEAST"; mark setMarkerText "AA"; mark setMarkerColor "ColorEAST"; can someone help me? Thank you
  11. Raffal

    ATLAS Mod: LHD Plus

    Yes Raptor, i have verified after dead and problem remains. The truth is that everything works without "multiple respawn points", so leaving a single respawn point, but my mission was designed to have two different entry points and I do not understand where I'm wrong .... :unsure: :unsure:
  12. Raffal

    ATLAS Mod: LHD Plus

    Hi Guys, I have a problem with respawn on LHD. In my mission i have used a multiple respawn position with BIS pre-defined script respawnTemplatesWest[] = {"MenuPosition"}; when the mission begins players spawn in the sea, although I have used the code to give the right elevation to the point of initial respawn, by init.sqf: _markerPos = getMarkerPos "respawn_west"; "respawn_west" setMarkerPos [_markerPos select 0, _markerPos select 1, 17]; can someone help me? Thx & sorry for my bad english.... ;) R.