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  1. mason05

    Campaign: The Henchman

    yeah looking forward to this interesting project.
  2. I highly enjoyed your previous campaings and i'm sure this one will be a blast.
  3. looks very interesting, we'll try it soon definitely.
  4. mason05

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    yeah i've been using Blastcore since A2 and it's been one of my fav mods. we don't have any right to ask you stay if you don't feel satisfaction about it anymore so i won't do it. instead, just a huge thank you for sharing your work and improving the game we like.
  5. mason05

    SP Harpoon Delta

    @Rejenorst: i think you are on the right track with your script. enemy AI performed better than vanilla. they moved to balconies and inside buildings and fired through the windows which is a welcome improvement. you should double check how many units get stuck in the open and wait to get killed. i still encountered several enemies standing in the open and making themselves easy targets.
  6. mason05

    SP Harpoon Delta

    ok, finished v6. the mission feels professional although short. had some heavy firefight. yeah,that body armor looks insane,stopping several direct chest hits. i generally liked enemy behavior,they moved into buildings and attacked from the rooftops. everything is better than when they stand still and wait to get killed;)
  7. mason05

    SP Harpoon Delta

    glad to see an old school legend back in the fold! hope you'll make some great stuff in the future. i'll try this mission asap.
  8. mason05

    ArmA 3 : RESIST

    yeah, eagerly waiting for a standalone pbo. never liked steam's savegame mess.
  9. yeah, i mentioned the range cards few times and having those would be very helpful. although i understand if it bothers the team and you decide against it. in that case, we'll have to make our own. my only concern is that i won't make them as correct as you would. edit: the screenshot you posted is an excellent example imo.
  10. nights are great! seriously, much better than vanilla. they finally "feel" nightly now, for the first time in A3 i really have feeling it's night:) and the dark-light effect (when you're near the light source during night) is more profound now.
  11. hollyyy c...! what a change! great work, this thing makes the game so much more appealing. thank man!
  12. mason05

    Scope Mod A3

    what an awesome mod! great job!
  13. mason05

    [SP/@] Counter Terrorism

    simple yet effective mission with nice urban firefight. good use of great addons.
  14. i don't wanna bother you too much, just please think about implementing range cards (like the ones from ACE2). we need them for any practical marksmanship. otherwise, it's a guess work (and no, lasing target and dialing in the ballistic calculator doesn't work for any practical situation where we have few seconds to shoot). thanks and sorry if this has been already planned.
  15. mason05

    [SP/@] Counter Terrorism

    i'm glad you keep RWO still alive Mathias! thanks for your work, i'll try this one.