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  1. Hello, I am proud to announce that the Aegea TaskForce is willing and is doing a PUBLIC Operation, this will include the following mods, CBA and TEI. TaskForceRadio *MIGHT* be on to server. TIMEZONE: United Kingdom: 7pm GMT Monday 23/03/15 America: 3pm EST Monday 23/03/15 Eastern Europe: 10pm GMT+3 Monday 23/03/15 Operation Frostfall: Introduction: After 12 Years of Peace on Altis, the "Eridanus" Insurrection, have risen up against the UNSC, and the UNSC has responded, with the Aegean TaskForce. The body of UNSC that is present in the Aegean Sea. Our Objectives: Clear and Secure the following "insurrection hot"areas; Charkia; Rodopoli and Paros their main HQ for the eastern side of Altis. Extra Operation Information. I look forward to seeing people there, please post in comments if you are comming and I can add you. Please join 5 minutes before PO starting time on our Teamspeak: tsgb1.vilayer.com:10045. If you don't have microphone, then please just hope on the server here: ALSO, PLEASE BE AWARE THE TEAMSPEAK AND GAMESERVER ARE ONLY 40 SLOTS EACH, IT WILL BE FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. Thanks, - Aegean Administration Team Teamspeak: tsgb1.vilayer.com:10045 Server:
  2. DM Gaming is needing players to come together and play. DM is willing to provide a gaming environment that all can come and join in with the fun. If you want to help; Join this group and contact Capwell, for more details. We are wanting people to have fun and to create an awesome place for people to gaming in ArmA 3. We are hoping to expand to other games. (and leave your suggetions in the forums) But ArmA 3 has so much to offer in ways to play and communicate. If we grow then so will our facilities that we provide. JOIN our teamspeak 3 server at dmgaming.teamspeakcp.com Currently we are accepting donations to fund ourselves and to achieve what we can through these donations, on behalf of the DM Community, We will NOT take profit from these donations. As our name, is Diligent. Diligent means; "having or showing care and conscientiousness in one's work or duties."
  3. -Wolverine ArmA Community- We are a newly formed Military Simulation Community within ArmA 3 that provides realism, tactics and teamwork. WAC is a European based community. We are casual outside of game but when ingame we strive to achieve good communication through the use of Teamspeak and the Task Force Radio mod. CO-OP Missions and Military RolePlay in ArmA 3 these are our main gameplay modes, with occasionally having PvP matches. With tactics and procedures adopted from real life military personnel from around the world, we encourage veterans and ex-servicemen to come join us, for this realistic and relaxing gameplay. We do not have any set times for missions or operations yet. We want to set the times according to when our hopefully future members have time. We have a Teamspeak 3 server and are looking to get a game server if there is enough community interest in this project. Teamspeak: wac-a3.teamspeakcp.com Website: wac-a3.enjin.com The Community is self-funded. Meaning donations of any size count, and may get you perks or rewards for your contributions towards us. We are looking for Staff members with any experiences to come help us run this community. Requirements to join us. Maturity. Working microphone. Willing to install mods. A legal copy of ArmA 3. Age Requirement: 16+ If you don’t meet one or more of the requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us as we might be able to sort it out.
  4. I am J. Capwell, Founder and Platoon Leader of 5th Legion. I am representing LEGIO V, a Mil-sim group with friendly members, who sees 'realism' and 'teamwork' as key to having fun and enjoyment on ArmA III. We want people with a like minded heart and ear to respect each other and to enjoy ArmA III. LEGIO V is a Europe based realism group. However, we do accept people who live in the US. Our time zone will be GMT/BST. What are our current goals? - To reach 60+ members. - Have dedicated missions each night. (You are not forced to be active each night, but we do expect to see you at least 2 days a week, including weekend.) - Become a renowned place for newbies and veterans to ArmA. What are your requirements? - Have or be willing to have a microphone. (For a realism group, communication is important. This is not mandatory but we gladly appreciate your efforts to achieve it) - 14+ year of age. - Be or Become dedicated to a wonderful group of friends. What language do we speak? Our main language is English, we do promote the use of others but not in dedicated operations (7pm GMT Saturdays & 7pm GMT Sundays). However, you are welcome to use other languages in squad communication, if all squad members can speak the same language. What do we have? - Website: http://veteranforce.co.uk/ - Public Teamspeak 3 (60 slots) : - Public ArmA III realism server (60 slots) What do you mean by realism? We use a handful of mods to improve realism on our server, such as Task Force Radio (TFR). TFR connects ArmA III to TeamSpeak and allows us to communicate in-game in a more realistic way (Direct voice, radio sounds, radio frequencies, channels, etc.) We will guide you to use it once you have joined the server. How can you join? Please register on our website - http://veteranforce.co.uk/ - if you do want to have a better experience on ArmA III. After that, get to know us on TeamSpeak and get started straight away! 1st Lt. | Hammer Actual - Platoon Lead | J. Capwell | VeteranForce.co.uk
  5. I am committed and Dedicated with over 2000+ hours on ArmA 3 with around 500 on ArmA 2. PM on here. Kind regards.