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  1. SSgt J. Patterson

    Units still Down??

    Same issue here for a few days at least. Not working in game either. Can't check unit status and the site is super slow or not working at all when it is.
  2. THANK YOU! Solved my issue that I have had for over a month of being unable to play the game with certain mods. I uninstalled the standard Afterburner and replaced with beta 4.4.0 v19 and it worked! I even had a ticket open on this that was unable to be resolved. Very obscure that Afterburner would interact in such a way. Never seen it do that before to any game I've played.
  3. SSgt J. Patterson

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    I cannot get the add-on to work with the latest TFAR. I have placed the sounds in the appropriate folder and I still get the default sounds. How can I flx?
  4. SSgt J. Patterson

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    When I press the "C" key in a vehicle or helo I get a menu to switch seats. I don't want this menu to appear, and I don't have anything bound to that key. Can I disable this menu?
  5. SSgt J. Patterson

    [WIP] Von Quest Industries - H.A.L.O. System

    I'll give the new one a shot on the same mission I'm using for my unofficial mission with the 15th MEU. Thanks for the update, you are one of the best devs out there for immersion based projects!
  6. SSgt J. Patterson

    [WIP] Von Quest Industries - H.A.L.O. System

    MP still broken. Only one player (1st to join or Admin) has the scroll wheel options. No one else sees these options and therefore the mod is unusable in MP. Using C17, but I don't think it would work any better with the C130 as I think the bug is an under the hood issue, not related to the objects in game.
  7. SSgt J. Patterson

    Northern Ireland Insurgents

    Please, please, please make this mod work with MCC groups!
  8. Why is it that when I try to load an MCC mission, everything gets duplicated and explodes at my base?...killing everyone.