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  1. Hello M. Capry, 1. There will be Tropentarn-versions of the vest in the Kleiderkammer and 2. Wes still have the Logo but not the content, maybe in the future there will be Vehicles and Weapons but not now.
  2. That was the plan behind PBW (Project Bundeswehr) The thing with the weapons is maybe gone cause HLC released some cool G36
  3. Hello Guys Feldhobel here, The next release is not in a far distance, we hope to release within the next month. @charles leo: yes we will add a B828 in the future and xPredatorOfPainx: we experimented with the flecktarn gloves but in every way it looks wrong. But be happy we added the coyote gloves to the tropentarn versions. thanks for your activity and wishes we hope we see some more questions from the community in the future. your PBW-Team
  4. Hello MartyBadger thanks for informing us. Hotfix is on the way. mfg Feldhobel
  5. Hello Viper2 Yes it is possible. Only reason is that you have added your attachments to the Model (P3d).
  6. feldhobel

    Static Line Parachute Mod

    Hello is the mod compatible with the C130 from RHS Mod ?
  7. Hello Guys Feldhobel here, we are working on the new Version 2.0 and we are really exited about the feedback here is a little preview of the new version.
  8. feldhobel


    @DevilDogCro No you dont need both of them. In germany we use a chest for facepaint and the americans use sticks so just take one of them and apply your facecamo. In the actual version weve got a lil failure we work on a hotfix. And thanks for the feedback :)
  9. feldhobel


    Hello EnigmaticallyEerie Which face you use i need a name maybe theres a problem with a special face
  10. @reforger We take some ideas from the awesome RHS Mod and there is a german feldmütze with helmet in front of the vest as a headgear. And maybe we do german insignias but not in the near future.
  11. Hello Feldhobel here, @PBeck we are not try to make the german future Soldier concept, we try to make an actual german soldier concept from 2010 to 2015. I think the idea of switching from G36 to HK416 or something different is far far away. It tooks 10 years to get the G36 into the german army.
  12. feldhobel


    Hi there, Feldhobel here @EnigmaticallyEerie : I hope you install the mod correctly so which face you use ? Not all of the Faces arround the world are supported by our camoface-mod.
  13. feldhobel

    Invisible Model Through Glass

    You are absolutely right, Thank you very much !