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  1. Yeah the offroad type was in the IL_Supported_OFFROAD. I removed it from the server and put it back in and started fresh, got it to work now. Not sure what I messed up the first time.
  2. Ok, I added "+ IL_Supported_OFFROAD" to the end of the list IL_Supported_Cargo_Veh_Mohawk, I can open the cargo door, but the option to load the offroad into it is not showing up. http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/544134047232871050/9065566349230C60DFBB4ADEEAD5728737AA319F/
  3. I could open the ramp before I made the change, but after I added the offroad to the mohawks cargo list I can no longer open the ramp. I am currently using the latest version.
  4. Hello, Im having an issue with getting the loading of an offroad into a mohawk to work. IL_Supported_Cargo_Veh_Mohawk = IL_Supported_OFFROAD + IL_Supported_Quadbike + IL_Supported_Rubberboat + IL_Supported_SDV + IL_Supported_Hatchback + IL_Supported_UGV; IL_Supported_Cargo_NonVeh_Mohawk = IL_Supported_Supply_Crate + IL_Supported_Veh_Ammo + IL_Supported_Barrel + IL_Supported_Tank; IL_Supported_Cargo_Mohawk = IL_Supported_Cargo_Veh_Mohawk + IL_Supported_Cargo_NonVeh_Mohawk; I added IL_Supported_OFFROAD to the supported vehicle cargo, but when I run the server the mohawk is broken, can no longer load anything at all into it since the options in the menu are gone. I feel like I'm missing something simple, But I've spent the last couple hours frustrated that I cant get it to work.