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  1. So I reinstalled last week after a 18 month hiatus, deciding to give the game another chance. I'm not much of a single player, so I was planning of making some custom missions to play with friends, when I ran into this very issue. I couldn't even make a simple Zeus mission with just the respawn menu and nothing else. If I turn on the menu, the zeus player can't spawn in at all. And I know that there is a way to get it to work. I tried one of the missions that come with the game: "Zeus 48+2 Master Stratis by Bohemia Interactive". And in that mission if I select zeus slot then I spawn directly to the zeus interface, and if I choose one of the player slots then I go to the spawn location and loadout selection menu. How is this done? I have googled my fingers to the bone, and searched this forum but to no avail. The source code for the BI missions isn't available anywhere, so I can't look what they have done. Also there is no comprehensive tutorial on the mission creation functionalities. The way I have it figured is that the BI made zeus missions must be using the "INSTANT" or "BASE" respawn type, cause those are the only respawn modes where the respawn menu is available to players at all. And they must be using some trick to get the zeus player past the menu. Can anybody point me to the right direction as to what to read to figure out how to do this very basic task.
  2. Oh yes. I managed to mix them up. What I meant to report is that since the latest update the "SW Transmit" hook has a higher priority than the "SW Transmit Additional". So if you for example bind the "SW Transmit" to the key 'X', and the "SW Transmit Additional" to 'SHIFT+X' then the "SW Transmit" will trigger whether you press shift or not. And it is not possible to get the "SW Transmit Additional" to trigger at all. But if you bind them the other way around: ["SW Transmit" = SHIFT+X] and ["SW Transmit Additional" = X] Then it works, because higher priority hook will not trigger unless shift is pressed.
  3. It seems that the SW transmit hook has a higher priority than the SW alternate transmit. So if you bind SW transmit to a <key> and SW alternate transmit to SHIFT + <key>, the SW transmit hook will trigger regardless if you press shift or not. But if you bind them the other way around it works just fine. So it isn't critical problem on radios that have the alternate channel option. But it could be a problem if one has to sometimes use the rifleman radios that don't have the alternate channel option.