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  1. Clark1398

    ARCTech Accessories

    Face cover completed, Also have a version that is just below the nose https://imgur.com/oTnBhYi
  2. Clark1398

    US 75th Rangers

    How did you guys go about editing the normal maps to make them look like crye gen3's?
  3. Bug report: HEV icon is back to front, the Icon is the wrong way around indicating the front of the pod when it is the other way around
  4. Clark1398

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Kinda edgy but screw it. World leaders pack that adds infantry of world leaders i.e. Obama,Putin,Cameron,Kim Jong family, Saddam, Assad etc. could be ideal for hostage/assassination missions or to violently enforce your political opinions.
  5. Bug Report: Patches on the ODST uniform are reversed.
  6. Clark1398

    [WIP] Halo Covenant

    The hologram idea is good in all but I dont see that looking good at all in arma although easy it just wouldn't look nice whereas you could get good looking irons in the design and make them look as if they arent even meant to be iron's in the first place just apart of the symmetry/design.
  7. Clark1398

    [WIP] Halo Covenant

    For the needler what your gonna have to do is make it so that its around the range of an SMG with some flashy effects for projectiles kinda like pink tracers. Projectile speed is gonna have to be the same as bullets (for balancing reasons) and the lock-on is a no go. as for weapon sights I say leaving secondary optics to just look over a rifle is bull. Use the excuse to get creative and make subtle fancy looking iron's that fit in with the design but can be un-noticeable at just a glance of the weapon. like this http://i.imgur.com/pnqJymI.png (366 kB) Doesint matter if it's not lore friendly. Mechanics and balancing come first as these weapons must have a fighting chance against standard firearms as is. Edit: or you can scrap the needler entirely and add the plasma rifle as an SMG, the plasma repeater as a main rifle then the carbine/needle rifle as semi auto rifles.
  8. No-one benefits from this whatsoever. Sad dayz.
  9. Found a bit of a problem (probably been fixed already) The MA5B is unable to fire full auto.
  10. Does anyone think jetpacks/boosters be added at all?
  11. Doesint mean you guys cant use your artistic licenses to make your own version of the air assault helmets.
  12. CTRL + Right Mouse. On default control's at least. ---------- Post added at 18:05 ---------- Previous post was at 17:53 ---------- Just A little concept. If you guys were to make your own version I can see this looking pretty damn good on the back of a pelican and could possibly have some neat features.
  13. I discovered something with the pelican that could be an issue for sling loading in first person that has not been reported yet. (I think) https://imgur.com/skFvoY7,CLE8Noc,jSeHC6T#0 The Pelican's Sling camera is placed in a location in which you cannot see the ground. https://imgur.com/skFvoY7,CLE8Noc,jSeHC6T#1 They should be like this. https://imgur.com/skFvoY7,CLE8Noc,jSeHC6T#2 Somthing like this would be incredibly useful for a aircraft capable of slinging cargo like a pelican.
  14. Yeah the start of Reach takes place a few months before CE. The end of Reach is mere minutes before CE.