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  1. Hello to everybody one month ago we passed to a dedicated linux server now we have this problem: with ace mod when we start a mission it goes directly in game and doesn't stop in the map briefing anymore ace mod and all other stuff seem to work, we have only this problem mods: ACE3 CBA RHS don't show briefing map CBA RHS show briefing map dedicated server linux thank you
  2. I have the same issue. tried to solve with BIS_fnc_MP but doesn't work it seems that all things related to remote execution are broken in 1.48 patch they say they want to retain the backward compatibility, but something has changed and i can't find it, or i miss something this is my reload script: https://mega.nz/#!xJUQXKaa!AykIbqCAhsCYIpI6efg7CqGUYCPL_adRGUklTPxdzT4 add a REPEATABLE trigger for ANYBODY and follow instructions inside file the script worked until 1.48 patch this is the same script with BIS_fnc_MP (tried to solve the problem, but fail): https://mega.nz/#!NZNHGIyS!W83QrxnIZ7Q_8cWmkbHOP9twAPdJe76LTH8Jp0wuGSM NOTE ADDED: the script with BIS_fnc_MP seems to work. i was trying to remotly execute the vehicleChat command that is not whitelisted, solved defining my VehicleChat custom function
  3. thank you But is "medical_onUnconscious" the event to catch if someone has gone unconscious (as the name seems to mean)? tnx
  4. Hello again, can I use this code (Event Handler) ["medical_onUnconscious", { // DO SOMETHING }] call EFUNC(common,addEventHandler); to catch if someone has gone unconscious? or is there another way to do it?
  5. thank you Belbo and bigpoppablunts about the "Set Medic Class" Module i saw i can't use framework settings for this module 1) there is an ace3 function that i can use in the init.sqf to set the "Set Medic Class" Module List? 2) Is this the command UNIT setVariable ["ACE_medical_medicClass", 2, true];? the number 2 means? 3) What i have to put in the List: unit name or unit classname? my intent is to create a mission that i can play with and without ace3 so i want to use framework settings and to avoid using modules tnx
  6. hi the framework-setting method is great to avoid putting module in every mission i have two questions: 1) every setting you can do with modules is available with the framework method too? 2) it's hard sometimes to find the framework setting equivalent to module setting. Is there a way to find it in an easy way? thank you
  7. ohhhh i didn't see it, wonderfull way to avoid modules in every mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. you have to use Addon modules see this page: http://ace3mod.com/wiki/missionmaker/modules.html 2. ACE3 Medical
  9. thank you for your work, ACE3 is amazing...
  10. thank you for the suggestion, but we found that with these settings: Revive Settings Settings: Enable Revive (Option): "Player only" or "Player and AI" Max Revive time (Number): -1 Max Revive lives (Number): -1 players die sometimes but we found also that if we put Max Revive time (Number): 7200 (2 hours) or any other value it works. it's a bug (-1 should mean forever i think) or I am missing something?
  11. Hi to everyone and thank to ACE3 team for this wonderfull mod I am representing here 2RGT Italian clan and we use to play our internal mix with "revive no respawn" modality A player who goes in unconscious state waits for a revive and never dies... With AGM mod there was an option on the medical module called "Prevent death when unconscious" so a player never died and was always possible to revive him Is there a similar option in ACE3 too? the option "Max Revive time" in the Revive Settings module is something we must use? Our setting: Medical Settings module Medical Level (Option): "Basic" Medics setting (Option): "Normal" Enable Litter (Boolean): "Yes" Life time of litter objects (Number): 120 Enable Screams (Boolean): Yes Player Damage (Number): 1 AI Damage (Number): 1 AI Unconsciousness (Option): "50/50" Remote controlled AI (Boolean): Yes Prevent instant death (Boolean): Yes Bleeding coefficient (Number): 0.1 Pain coefficient (Number): 1 Sync status (Boolean): Yes As you can see, we set the Bleeding coefficient to 0.1, but this is not a solution, players die sometimes. We have to put it to 0? But in this way blood bag become useless... thank you
  12. L0rn1x

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    The thing that make me prefer TFAR to ACRE is that with TFAR you can't intercept radio communications of the enemy side unless you steal an enemy radio or enemy vehicle... Is it the same with ACRE2?
  13. L0rn1x

    Farooq's Revive

    farroq version 1.5 Original code at row 57 if (isPlayer _unit) then { disableUserInput true; titleText ["", "BLACK FADED"]; }; // Eject unit if inside vehicle while {vehicle _unit != _unit} do { unAssignVehicle _unit; _unit action ["eject", vehicle _unit]; sleep 2; }; _unit setDamage 0; _unit setVelocity [0,0,0]; _unit allowDamage false; _unit setCaptive true; _unit playMove "AinjPpneMstpSnonWrflDnon_rolltoback"; Modified code if (isPlayer _unit) then { disableUserInput true; titleText ["", "BLACK FADED"]; }; // Eject unit if inside vehicle while {vehicle _unit != _unit} do { _unit action ["eject", vehicle _unit]; unAssignVehicle _unit; _unit action ["GetOut", vehicle _unit]; sleep 2; }; // --------------------------- START BLOCK ------------------------------ // Wait until unit stops falling (if the player dies while flying or goes under water) _pre = [0, 0, 10000]; _pos = getPosASL _unit; while {!isTouchingGround _unit && _pos select 2 >= 0 && _pre select 2 > _pos select 2} do { _pre = _pos; sleep 1; _pos = getPosASL _unit; }; // ----------------------- END BLOCK -------------------------------- // --------------------------- START BLOCK ------------------------------ // Check if the player is under water if (surfaceIsWater _pos && _pos select 2 < 0) then { private ["_p","_d","_l"]; _d = 0; _l = true; // Search for a land position starting from the randomly picked position and // then going outwards from it in full circles in 20m steps. while {_d = _d + 20; _l && _d < 10000} do { for "_i" from 0 to 340 step 20 do { _p = [(_pos select 0) + (_d * sin _i), (_pos select 1) + (_d * cos _i), 0]; if (!surfaceIsWater _p) exitwith {_l = false}; }; }; _pos = _p; _p = []; if (count _pos > 0) then {_p = _pos findEmptyPosition [0,100];}; // If an empty position is found, use it. Otherwise, return the original position. if (count _p > 0) then { _pos = _p; }; _unit setPosATL _pos; // findEmptyPosition set _pos in the right z position ATL sleep 2; }; // ----------------------- END BLOCK -------------------------------- _unit setDamage 0; _unit setVelocity [0,0,0]; _unit allowDamage false; _unit setCaptive true; _unit playMove "AinjPpneMstpSnonWrflDnon_rolltoback";
  14. L0rn1x

    Farooq's Revive

    i made little changes to farooq to solve some problems like: - when you die in a vehicle you remain inside it and cannot be revived (you can not revive, you have to ctrl, alt, delete.) - when you die while flying you don't fall to ground but remain in the air and cannot be revived - when you die in water you cannot be revived with my changes now: - you are always ejected from vehicles - if you were flying, now you fall until you reach the ground or something that stop you (a building for example) - if you fall in water you are teleported on the nearest beach. - if you die on a platform or a carrier like Nimitz, you remain on it and you are not teleported. How can i share them with you?
  15. L0rn1x

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Hello to everyone since the last patch 0.95 we have a problem with the medical module these are our settings: Allow non-medics: No Require diagnosis: Yes Prevent instant death: Yes Prevent death while: Yes Single Bandage: Yes/No Unconscious can chat: Yes Require MEDEVAC: No Automatic Wakeup: Yes/No the problem is that medics cannot do anything when palyers fall unconscious: no bandage, no morphine, no epinephrine, no blood bag anyone else has the same problem?