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  1. Nice! Thanks Bro! Very much appreciated, keep up the good work!
  2. We are also having the same issue on our server. Ever since the update to 1.6 Transfer function is no longer working. Any plans to release 2.0? Or address this issue?
  3. Hello, I know you said that you were busy with other things and would not be working on igiload, but I would like to add some of the new helicopters and a few other vehicles to the script. It does not appear to be working. In the array of supported vehicles I add the class name, however the vehicles do not allow for loading or unloading, but I do get the options to enable/disable outside loading and such. Is it as simple as adding the class name to the array, or is it more complicated than that? I appreciate your hard work in getting this mod this far, but there have been so many updates that it seems to have fallen behind. Also, it would be cool if vehicles could be added to the script at will as long as the class name is known. Thanks for your feedback. Thank you for your work!
  4. eeemb

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    How did you get sync to work with triggers and vehicles? I cannot figure it out!
  5. I just sent you a PM with link to file. Thank you for taking the time to look at it. It makes no sense to me why it's not working. ---------- Post added at 11:23 ---------- Previous post was at 09:57 ---------- Issue resolved, had a unit named commander which overrode the choice to have crew only initiate the light script in the vehicle. Renaming this unit fixed the issue! Thank you Lala14! Sorry for being dumb :)
  6. I don't know why, but this script is no longer working. It worked a few days ago, no problem. I put the init line in the Init.sqf file, put the intlight.sqf in the mission folder, and had no problems. Now, it will not work at all. Did something change with arma? If so, it seems it will need rewriting. EDIT: I used the intlight.sqf from the dropdox download linked in forum. now it works.... not sure what the issue was. Version 1.5 versus 1.64 Looks like 1.64 is not working, but 1.5 is???? weird.
  7. This script doesn't work. Player will not actually sit down. Get the option to stand up, but you are already standing up. Never actually sits down. Is this broken due to arma update? If so, is there a fix? EDIT: NVM I fixed it, it's all good.
  8. Small improvement idea. Have the key binding for interaction that the player chooses show up over IED, so it's not showing the generic press C to disarm. I have a feeling that might be more complicated than it sounds. EDIT: this already happens, just need to log out and log back in. all set. Also, IED set to disable, when they light a vehicle on fire, that fireball is not removable in a server/client setting. On local machine Brush delete works, but fireball burns forever, never goes out, and cannot be removed. Maybe remove the fireball all together?
  9. Yes, Shaygman and Spirit and Psycho. You have created a great thing here, I very much enjoy using it and our group thanks you too for the hours and hours of fun this provides. Thank you for your hard work. We appreciate you working with the community as well to make this the best it can be.
  10. It seems that items that are supposed to be interacted by all are not being shared by the server in some cases. The server is being selfish. Is this a locality issue?
  11. Spawning works fine, I'll have to test caching and delayed spawns.
  12. I am also having the same issue with mcc on the server our group uses to run ops. The mission generator just hangs, and doesn't spawn in anything even though a zone has been created to use. Also, the IED's that are placed cannot be disarmed. The option never comes up in the scroll wheel action menu while crawling towards it and attempting to disarm. So there is no way of knowing that it is an IED and it cannot be disarmed. I can still be blown in place, or detonate, but disarm option is not given. Both issues only occur when logged into a server, on my local machine, in the editor, everything works fine. Our server is running the most current version of MCC and I also have the most current version 0.4.8. Something I've noticed also is that when an IED sets a vehicle on fire, the fire that it creates on the vehicle last forever and does not burn out like when the regular model blows up. Eventually the flames go out. This just stays and cannot be removed. This happens on server. EDIT, fire can be removed with mcc delete tool, zeus will not delete the fireball, but only on local machine. However, it would be nice if the flames burnt out eventually. Thanks! Hope this gets fixed soon, we've got an op Wednesday and I would like to use this system properly. Kind Regards!