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  1. mats391

    Stance Adjustment revised

    It works really well, thanks! The only problem i have is the key binding AdjMod+C. I have C as crouch, so i accidentally switch modes quite often. Is there a userconfig or something else to remap those?
  2. Hi, we managed to get the proximity talking to work again. It was a problem with the mission, dont know excactly what caused it but it works again. However now BluFor spawns with RedFor radios :/
  3. mats391

    Stance Adjustment revised

    I also got a suggestion :) I would like to be able to adjust left/right with the leaning keys. It would go something like this: 1. Lean left 2. Press and hold adjust key 3. You adjust left 4. Release Lean key, you stop leaning but keep adjusted 5. release adjust key, you go back to normal So basically just like your current temporary setting just with lean keys(Q/E) instead of move keys (A/D). If you then could have permanent adjustment with move keys and temporary with lean keys, it would be perfect. :)
  4. mats391

    Action Button Mod

    Just had a quick test with this and it is really nice. Found a couple of bugs tho: - Could not enter the Merlin (Reskinned Mohawk helicopter), guess this might be due to the whole learning vehicles thing - Dragging objects caused issues in combination with AGM. I think they use their own method for dragging Also had some ideas: - Holding the action button at a vehicle with inventory could open that inventory instead of entering. - Would be nice to reduce the amount of options in the action menu once the action button gets more reliable. (Like SakuKeys does) Once again nice work and i hope you find a way to determine seats in vehicles dynamically
  5. No errors in game. Sure we can meet, what server do you suggest?
  6. Disabled antivirus with no success. I also tried the other plugin files posted earlier, but those didnt help either :(
  7. That is what i get when playing. I am running both TS3 and arma as admin and already reinstalled the plugin/addon twice.
  8. Guess "Play" needs to be Y too?
  9. Same settings, same problem. Everything is up-to-date. Radio works fine and also gets distorted the further you are away, but normal talking is broken :(
  10. Hi there, is this mod still being updated? If so i would like minor addition: Remove the changing of ammunition (eg use tracers) from the action menu. You can do it in the inventory. Either way, very nice mod :)