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  1. This thread is not complaining about anything us mission makers do not receive. It is simple feedback on how many mods could be further improved. It seems like a lot of people are seeing this as an aggressive post when the true aggressor is the one who does not take the time to read. If you make mods for your enjoyment, then that is fine, but as far as I know you are going to be releasing it to a larger community, full of diverse thinkers, that may see your mod and think, what else could this be used for in my mission? To get this thread back on track, I do believe that many mods do include many patches, that may have been required by the mod maker or his/her community. From what I have seen vests and many helmets in real life do not come stock standard with insignia and patches (flags,skulls,etc.). So I think the point that Singleton is making is that he and many other users of said mods would love to also be able to use these vests or helmets for more than one purpose which seems fine to me. With Arma 3 having a really great modular gear system, you can match a ton of different items to get a really good end product for your mission. As far as re texturing other people's mods for your own needs goes. The time it takes for someone to re texture someone else's mod is time that could also be spent at work, or with family, or w/e. While as a mod maker all it takes is a save, as of when the patches are added. This way you have two versions of the texture and could very easily put that into the mod pack. I know many mod makers who do spend a lot of time making their gear, some more than others. And when their gear is changed or altered whether it be through re textures or just taking the models and using them in your own mods, they do not like that especially when they have not been spoken to prior to that. For those bashing on singleton for not having the voters tag, or somehow bashing on mod makers, as he has stated he administrates and creates missions for a very large community. The time he puts into the missions and the community is huge. When MANW was out there and some great modders were posting their entries, he took the time to go around the teamspeak and get people to vote for those mods, such as ALiVE for example, that got about 200 votes in one day just from the community. May I also add that the opinion of "Maybe i'm not too worried about you using it for another purpose" in my own opinions seems very single minded, considering it is a very large community that is not only going to use your mod but will be judging it. As you have stated, it is your time, and your effort, and Thank You for that time and effort, this is just some feedback on how many people feel about the mods in Arma 3. /end...
  2. Nice map, this really looks awesome. It would be great for training servers and missions. Sorry to take this off topic, but the stamp is actually getting a little bit annoying man. It would be fine if it was on a couple of threads, but not on every thread that's posted. And people have been banned in the past for such actions so just as a quick tip please stop. Back on topic Good Work!
  3. lewisd

    SOCMOD Release Thread

    As you know, unlike many other mod teams, the SOC guys put many hours into ridding their mods of bugs and glitches, so hopefully this wont have too many. But great work anyway guys, its really good to see some new models and textures in the game, especially with all re textures these days. Congratulations! You guys honestly deserve to win in the MANW competition, not just because this mod is amazing but because the intentions were not to win money or recognition but to give the community something new and great. Again Great Work!
  4. No Change, I was not able to find the Gamecore.sys file.
  5. While attempting to play the provided mission, the mission on startup fades to black and a popup begins to come up. It says "Network Fault or you use illegal save file, please reset the network and do not use other computer to play". Im launching with only the launcher and i have no clue why it is doing this.