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    Team Shadow - Sniper Campaign

    Firstly big thanks to you and everyone involved for making this captivating campaign. The missions are what I've been looking for for quite some time and they fulfill all expectations. :D Now the issues I've encountered. These are all reproducible during the mission "Mistery Man"(using arma 1.62 and latest mods), though they're not all bugs: - It's impossible to equip more than one additional special item during the briefing(f.e. kestrel, spotting scope), but the spotter has all the things I need. This is the case for all missions. - The guy who leads you to the informant runs too fast. Even if told to slow down, he just does so for a few seconds and then keeps running. Because of ACE stamina, it's not possible to keep up with him, even without rifle. - There seems to be no way to continue conversations when the NPC said something while playing as spotter -> revert of mission :( - When in spotting mode and the spotter is dead, firing a shot switches to the perspective of the dead spotter and arma no longer reacting to input -> revert of mission :( - The same happens when you switch to the dead spotter using the command interface.