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    TF47 Launchers [WIP]

    Quick question about the Rhs compatibility patch. Can i just take the pbo's from the patch and throw them in the @tf47_launcers > addons folder? Or do i have too run them as 2 different @ in the launch parameters? Thx for a GREAT MOD, i was a gunner on Carl Gustav back in the day, and the *pling* sound when opening and closing sounds so much alike the real thing. Not to mention the firing sound :D
  2. Am i (and my clan) the only one who can't connect to my server, when running MCC with the new 1.44 arma update???
  3. BossManDGF

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Hello. Since the new arma update yesterday. My clan can't make missions while using the medical module. Or play old missions that has it placed. We simply can't connect to the mission if the module is placed. EDIT: Yeah just ignore me. Turned out something had screwed with our commandline. Sorry for the spam/disturbance. Great mod BTW!!
  4. Hey guys. Im having some trouble with the .a3s/sync file. when i do a new build, and upload or try to connect to the repo, on our FTP i allways get the error message: "Failed to read file /.a3s/sync invalid type code:00 i have tried to upload all mods and a3s to the ftp manualy with Filezilla, so i can verify that they are in fact on the ftp. I haven't been able to find a solution or even the problem asked anywhere. So i really hope somebody can help BossMan-