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  1. First of all thank you for this update !
  2. About us : The Joint Task Force 207 (JTF207) is an Arma 2 realism unit, that conduct its operations over a multitude of different theaters. Within its forces it counts an aviation, infantry and armored branch. Our campaigns are run in a persistent manner where each action and mission’s result has direct consequences on the next missions. We aren’t “hardcore†and will not force you to address everyone by their rank or as sir, or even to follow 100% accurate military procedures, however it is encouraged and appreciated. This also doesn’t mean you are free to mess around during operations. At the current time our main focus still lies on Arma 2, although we are currently doing our first test in Arma 3. No ETA can be given when we will be moving on to Arma 3. Upon joining you will be assigned a battle buddy who will try to help you out with your first few steps within the unit. Outside of our operations we tend to socialize on teamspeak, cracking jokes while playing other games or non-campaign oriented operations. While we are mainly a CET-oriented unit, we have members ranging all the way from America to UAE and everything in between. Mods we use : ACE ACEX (ru, sm, usnavy) ACRE CBA (all of them) JayArmA2Lib JTF207 Mod & Map pack What we’re offering : A tactical environment where teamwork, leadership and good communication are promoted Semiweekly operations [Friday 21:00 GMT & Saturday 20:00 GMT] Semiweekly training sessions (Theoretical & Practical sessions, mission preparations, …) [Wednesday 18:00 GMT & Sunday 18:00 GMT] The opportunity to rise through the ranks as you prove yourself A unit where you can socialize with other unit members and play other games What we’re looking for : Mature people with good attitude that are open to learning new material Loyal and dedicated members that won’t be in multiple Arma 2 units/clans Own a microphone and be willing to use it during operations Have a militaristic mindset (obey orders, be silent during briefings, follow the rules of engagement, …) For more information : Official website : http://www.jtf207.net You are also more than welcome to join our teamspeak at for any of your questions.
  3. Squad name: Joint Task Force 207 Timezone/location : GMT+1 Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): coop Website address: www.jtf207.net Short description: JTF207 is a realism unit focussing on tactical game play and fun. Language: English
  4. tomasjanderson

    Just want to say: Thank You BIS!

    Started playing the series back in 2001 when I was still a wee young lad, now almost 14 years later and approaching the 30's I'm still playing the series. Thanks for keeping up the good work Bohemia.