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  1. Change notes /*********************************************************************************/ V1.01 New Features: 1. FN6 71mm Portable AA missile 2. PF98 120mm AT Rocket Launcher 3. QJY88 optical sight and PF98 fire control optical sight 4. New opticals for 95-1(daytime and NV), QBU88, QJY88, PF98, PF89 5. Added reticle illumination for daytime opticals on 95-1 and QJY88(toggle by "Ctrl+/") 6. New tactical flash light and NV laser indicator for QBZ95-1 (toggle by "Ctrl+L") 7. Mirage effect for all rifles and MGs 8. QJY88 binded with its optical sight 8. New AT Team (PF98) 9. New AA Team (FN6) 10. New Recon Team 11. Added Zeus feature for PLA unites/weapons/accessories/magazines 12. Updated naming for PLA unites in 3D Editor Fix/Changes: 1. Fixed Ammo config error for PF89 and PF89B 2. Fixed 95-1B muzzle velocity (dat "tank buster" XXD) 3. Fixed model bug for uniform cuff 4. Fixed PF89 adds ammo when entering vehicles 5. Fixed DCV05 subsonic ammo muzzle velocity 6. Fixed area of sound effect for 95-1 mag changing was too large 7. Fixed QBZ03 first person model see through issue 8. Fixed light reflection effect on QBZ03 and QJY88 was too strong. 9. Fixed QJY88 firing rate, removed semi-automatic mode. 10. Fixed 05 SMG muzzle velocity 11. Fixed 35mm grenade launcher muzzle velocity 12. Adjusted DAP92 penetration value 13. Adjusted ammo box items 14. LR4 will use original flash light and laser indicator 15. Reduced type of Eotech553, (only one colour left) 16. Removed temporary flash light and laser indicator Knowing issue: 1. No vehicles. We know it's a big one. Please be patient, they will be added in the future updates. 2. Backpack colour issue. We will rebuild the backpack model and texture. 3. Penetration effect not obvious on all ATs. But the damage effect is pretty good. 4. Colour too dark on QSZ92 and QSW06. Texture will be updated. 5. QBU88 optical sight too bright. Texture will be updated. /***************************************************************************************************/ v1.02 1.New YM11 daytime scope for 95-1 (Kong) 2.New submachine gun QCW85 (SRU) 3.New model, texture, shadow for QBZ 92/06 (SRU) 4.New script, replaced functions of MRT (Fan) 5.New open bolt animation for QCW-05 (KA) 6.Four new blue UN Type 03 helmet (Kong) 7.New wind goggles 8.New Type 03 helmet with headphones 9.New uniform for Capitans 10.New UN peacekeeping troops 11.New flag pole (KA) 12.Supporting new BIS official Chinese vocal for radio communication 13.Visible red/green laser designator for QBZ95-1 14.QJY88 daytime scope now can switch aim point 15.New mag changhing animation and muzzle flash for QJY88 (KA) 16.Ammo and scope adjustment (GPGPGPGP) 17.Bug fix for character config (Fan) 18.Bug fix for LR4 and PF89 scripts (Fan) 19.Fixed the "Iteminfo" error message happened after v1.62 20.Texture adjustment for backpack 21.Equipment adjustment for PLA squads. 22.Model adjustment for 5.8mm and 7.62mm suppressor 23.Texture adjustment for aim point scopes 24.Bug fix: missing texture for CS/LR4 at long range. 25.Removed thermal image for PF98 Notes: 1.MRT is not required anymore but still compatible. 2.Daytime scopes for QJY88 and 95-1 both have two aiming points that can be toggled.
  2. Hello dear ArmA fans, It's been a very long time. And now, finally, we could release our VME PLA mod for ArmA3. Although, many of you may know, it's not the first release of our mod. We made our first release on Armaholic and Steam Workshop cuz I had a little issue posting threads here. But I just realized that the issue is gone, so here I am presenting our new VME PLA mod to you guys. :cheers: First, some screenshots: Plz allow me to copy/past the mod description from our Steam workshop just to save me some time :P /***************************************************************************************************************************************************************/ Chinese People's Liberation Army Character and Weapon Mod. Ver 1.02 Last Published on July 14th 2016 Made by China Virtual Military Engineers Site: http://www.chinavme.com/ To download directly through onedrive: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ai0RSbdIcP7Bgjn9yOXOGQ2Vvvue Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=655153321 Mod content Weapons: Uniforms and Gears: Ammo Box: Required Mod: CBA_A3 Note: PLA Unites are under "Independent" side. Flash light and laser indicator support MRT function by using "Ctrl" + "L" to toggle. Requires MRT mod. Eotech 557 supports MRT function by using "Ctrl" + "num pad /" to toggle. Requires MRT mod. (in v1.02 MRT functions are replaced by native functions) To use Chinese Translation mod, Delete "vme_pla_localization_foreign.pbo" and "vme_pla_localization_foreign.pbo.VME.bisign" under "@VME_PLA\Addons\" Directory Developers: Item codes: weapons: accessories: mags: ammo:
  3. Hello L.K. I'm CYCLE6 a member of ChinaVME Forum. I've just discussed with our team, and we all agreed to give you the permission to release your own modified version of our PLA mod. Thank you for helping us improving the old PLA mod. Hope you enjoy using/modifying our mod.