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  1. I have a mod that uses a postInit XEH and I'm trying to figure out where it falls in the order of inits. It seems like in single player, it gets called after functions with the postInit attribute, which is what I would expect. In multiplayer though it gets called after object inits but before modules. Is this the intended behavior? I was expecting postInit would run after modules at least.
  2. The forum search feature is incredibly slow, but if you type in the thread titles listed on google, you can still find things. Sorta. But really they should just be rewriting those urls instead of sending everyone to the main forum.
  3. iamthesux

    Emacs major mode

    I wouldn't expect you to be. Ignorance is bliss.
  4. iamthesux

    Emacs major mode

    How dare you sully my thread with such blasphemy!
  5. arma-mode.el by sux The emacs master race may be lacking in numbers, but that is merely a testament to its purity. To the lost soul who stumbles upon this, I give you arma mode for emacs. Screenshot (152 kB) Features - syntax highlighting for SQF - auto indentation support - slays vi Download https://github.com/iamthesux/arma-mode
  6. Adding recompile=1 to the function in the config makes it work again
  7. You owe me one new pair of underwear. Any plans for mortars?
  8. Really like the direction you're taking with this, however I'd like to second the NVG request. I was speaking with someone who owns a pair and there are apparently clip on lenses that you can just flip up or down to change your focus. There's actually an image looking at a map. Also the light source on the player would be pretty cool too.
  9. iamthesux

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Perfect. Our community shall be your guinea pig, and all further reporting will go through the tracker. Is 760 supposed to be in the archive or does it not contain the latest RC? EDIT: Problem is definitely fixed. 100k items in a box and no drop in frames whatsoever!
  10. iamthesux

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Awesome. I watched 10s of a skyline video and had to turn it off to resist temptation. I would LOVE to help test if you would have me. How do I accezz the dev buildz? My username on your tracker site is the same as it is here if makes any diff.
  11. iamthesux

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    So we're trying to go back to ACRE after using TFR since A3 came out, and I must say, I am super impressed with all the new features. I can't wait to start playing with them. However, I'm having a small problem with lag spikes and I suspect its related to this issue. We usually have several crates with fairly high item counts, and its enough to cause the game to freeze slightly once per second. So my question is two fold. Is this something that's unlikely to be fixed? And what are the consequences of setting _doFullSearch = false in fnc_radioIdHandlers as one user suggested?
  12. iamthesux

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Ctrl as a modifier still works for me for other things, both BI and AGM mappings. It's just the 2xLeft-Ctrl that doesn't seem to work with AGM; remap raise/lower to something else and it works. Works as expected in vanilla, even with CBA loaded, though it still may be the culprit.
  13. When I bought A2, I did so because of its "sandbox" nature. I played it a bit then got bored and put it down (I had no idea about the wonderful community surrounding it). A year later I saw a wasteland video and thought, that looks fun, and I dusted it off to try again. It wasn't until I got bored of wasteland that I started looking around for more game modes and discovered mil-sim. I've been playing with a community for over a year now and have had some of the best gaming experiences of my life here. My point is, maybe all these casual game modes are actually good for the community. Maybe they attract players that otherwise wouldn't ever have even purchased Arma. How many closed groups saw the number of applications swell after DayZ? Arguably only 10-20% of those players are interested in a more serious style of play, but thats still more than enough to fuel several communities. I think the relationship is more symbiotic than parasitic.
  14. Sonething tells me you didn't read the post above it :p
  15. iamthesux

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    Thats good to hear. You've actually been the most reasonable voice on this thread. I understand your role as the Tit-for-tatter and I support you in that. I haven't been burned yet so I'm just playing my role as cooperator.