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  1. Thank you Sir for the assist...just completed the campaign mission...wow if only there could be a carrier command part 3...perhaps the developers may someday create "Carrier Command Taurus Mission"...
  2. So I have the patch level 1.07.25, running deadly island mod version 1.33 and I am stuck on Fulcrum island, unable to trigger the cut scene as the enemy carrier is present on this Island but is on dormant mode and not engaging in combat. Is this a bug with the deadly island version 1.33? I am unable to continue to conquer Fulcrum as it is outright extremely deadly with my low grade offensive weapons and campaign is unable to continue to the next set of islands and chapter. thanks for any help. DC
  3. I bought a new Samsung U28590D 4K monitor and I run Carrier command, game loaded, I change the in game screen resolution to 3840 X 2160 max resolution, clicked ok, game crashed, tried to restart, but not able to even load the game. I am now getting and error that reads: "Engine Error" Out of Video Memory, close all other applications... Is there a user config ".cfg" file that anyone can point me to try and reset that file... thanks for any help... Found the fix...had to redit the file "ccsettings.xml" and change the display settings to default...
  4. HI All, I have been trying to download the "Carrier_Command_Patch_1_07_0025_Beta_SDK.zip" patch but getting a 404 not found error. does anyone here knows or can send me the link to get the 1.07.0025 patch so I can update to deadly Island release 1.23... thanks, Dan