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    Need help making a new mod work

    excuse me while i throw thumbs up at you from a dump truck full of them. I'm going to test this out when i get home tonight
  2. Raverfox209

    Need help making a new mod work

    Thanks! It's probably one of my favorite ones haha Yeah thats the idea, I didn't want to say "retexture" because when i think of that I think of replacing the colors of an existing vest instead of actually adding another physical vest (even though its an existing 3D model, if that makes sense) In a perfect world i'd like this vest to appear in arsenal or maybe even an ammo box. So that's what I was looking for. Are these mostly a plug and go thing? Or do i need to swap some things here and there? Also do i need to change the name of the vest since it's still called a the tactical police vest?
  3. Hey guys. I've been googling and searching and dissecting already existing mods for help. But a lot of the tutorials or calls for help either go over what i've already completed, are too far ahead in the steps or too advanced for my knowledge. I try to google long and hard before resorting to making a forum post. I'm starting off simple. Basicly my unit just wanted a vest to distinguish our instructors during training since we do mass training sessions blah blah blah. I have grabbed the .paa of the tactical vest police, changed it to a .png via text2view, saved it it and turned it into a .paa again. I also have notepad++ as well as PBOmanager. I'ts hard to explain where i'm stuck at. It is meant to be a separate vest, not a reskin of an existing one, so essentially speaking the original vest (the black police one) will exist in game as well as this one and be activated via @folder my pbo looks like this atm So now i'm just sitting here wondering what is next. Since its supposed to be a different vest, i would believe i need to change those names in the pbo and create a classname as well. But I dont know how to do that either. Any guidance is appreciated. This is posted in the config area because i THINK that is the next step. but again. Dont even know how to create that
  4. Raverfox209

    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    I'm Fox. I've been playing arma since ArmA Gold when i was young. Im 21 now and have been playing with mods since a bit before combined operations. I'm just now venturing off into creating my own simple mods for ArmA 3 and came to this forum for help. But it seems I'm not allowed to post. Soo... uh... Hi IRL i'm a door to door salesman