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  1. I went from a 2500k clocked at 4.8 to a 4790k clocked to 4.6 and in basic arma3 benchmarks there was less than 3 fps difference, the 4790k runs hotter as well so i reckon sandys still go life in them.....
  2. Yeah, i finally found the problem mod, you were right it was an animation mod.....(the second to last one had to check, typical) it was an old sway reducing mod... It stopped the Ai from reloading and thats when they got stuck.... Thanks for the help mate ...
  3. Hi, yeah I've been having this issue for few weeks now, I was talking to someone in another thread about it and they thought it was related to Virtual arsenal mods but i removed all of them and i still have the problem. I'm going through my mods one by one to see if i can find the cause of the problem, i usually only play single player so its not server related....
  4. Alexxx

    bipod issue

    Did you find the culprit ?, i think i have this problem also....