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    Turret Enhanced

    I'm really enjoying this mod, particularly in conjunction with the thermal improvement mod. I was wondering if it's possible to add an IR marking laser, similar to the weapon mounted laser, to the targeting pod. I think it would help with directing folks on the ground. Thanks!
  2. brad191

    Rydygier's Trivia Vault

    Would it be possible to add the turret as a proxy and still have it function like normal? This thread makes it seem quite difficult, but perhaps there's another way.
  3. brad191

    Rydygier's Trivia Vault

    This looks like a great set of addons. There are quite a few small tweaks that would go a long way to improving the ARMA experience. I have an idea that might be in the same spirit as what you have here. For vehicles like the Hunter, wouldn't it be great if you could mount and unmount the crew served weapons? For instance, adding a .50 cal backpack to the cargo of an unarmed hunter gives the option to turn the vehicle into an HMG hunter (assuming the CROWS-type equipment is SL3 for the vehicle). Likewise, armed Hunters could have the weapons unmounted and turned into a backpack in cargo. Just a thought.
  4. Hi Gosu, I really enjoy your addon. It makes transporting crew served weapons a breeze. I was wondering if there's any way to have cargo slung at mission start. I'm trying to arrange an airlift from "the mainland" for a mission. Thanks for the great vehicle.
  5. brad191

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Search didn't turn up anything, but I have a hard time believing this isn't out there yet: anti-tank versions of MATVs--the standard tactical vehicles of the various factions mounting their static AT weapons. Also, I think an AMOS version of the Patria and its various analogues would be really cool, particularly with the multiple round, simultaneous impact functionality.