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    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    <deleted> Well, got the config to load according to the jnet.log! I went back to a .bat file rather than use TADST. From here I'll figure out what I was doing wrong in TADST. Thank you very much for the heads up! -treadd
  2. treadd

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    I am very hesitant to post this, because it feels like I am missing something stupid. However after more than a few hours trying to setup the jvon version of acre, I need another pair of eyes on this. It seems I have everything installed per the instructions, however I am getting the following error in the servers jnet.log, and the jvon client is not starting on my client machine. (Verified by checking task manager) 22/02/2015 15:04:02,034 INFO [default] JNET DLL Loaded 22/02/2015 15:04:02,035-{WARN }- Warning, reset performed, Initiating discovery... 22/02/2015 15:04:02,036-{INFO}- Detected ArmA3 Server. Running in server mode... [b]22/02/2015 15:04:02,036-{ERROR}- Can't load server configuration 'C:\Program'[/b] 22/02/2015 15:04:52,942-{WARN }- Lost connection from client [<client ip redacted>:60166] 22/02/2015 15:04:57,386-{INFO}- Configuration File Loaded 22/02/2015 15:04:57,386-{INFO}- Synchronizing with [treadd @ <client ip redacted>:2304] The last three lines are when my game client is connecting to the server. If I start the JVON client manually, I am able to connect to the server. My assumption is that the jvon server is not finding the server config file due to some missing "" marks. However for the life of me I can't find where it would be picking that path up from. (Hard coded in the .exe?) I did not have the -config in my original startup parameters, but did add -config="C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Server\config_vanilla.cfg" during testing, however it had no effect. Side notes: Here is the relevant part of my server config- (left default password while testing) disableVoN = 1; jvon_enabled = 1; //jvon_required = 1; jvon_server_address = "<serverIP redacted>:27233"; jvon_password = "balls"; My server.json- { "server_name" : "IDI JVON Server", "server_description" : "Default JVON Server", "password" : "balls", "network" : { "control_port" : 27233, "stream_port" : 27234, "upnp_enabled" : true } } I can connect my manually launching the jvon client and connect to the server- 22/02/2015 15:43:22,941-{INFO}[t:2652]- Server initializing 22/02/2015 15:43:22,948-{TRACE}[t:2652]- Message Ports: C(27233), S(27234) 22/02/2015 15:43:23,206-{INFO}[t:2652]- Attempting UPNP Configuration 22/02/2015 15:43:31,215-{TRACE}[t:2652]- Creating Bucket: General Chat 22/02/2015 15:43:31,218-{TRACE}[t:2652]- Creating Bucket: In-Game Bucket 22/02/2015 15:43:31,221-{TRACE}[t:2652]- Creating Bucket: Time out 22/02/2015 15:43:31,225-{TRACE}[t:2652]- Creating Bucket: Main Bucket 22/02/2015 15:43:31,229-{INFO}[t:2652]- Default bucket set: [Main Bucket] [b]22/02/2015 15:58:16,632-{INFO}[t:2652]- Client [id=5,name=JVON User] connected. 22/02/2015 15:58:29,524-{INFO}[t:2652]- [JVON User] OnDisconnected[/b] I have all my addons in a 'mods' folder within the arma3 directory. I tried moving @acre2omnibus to the root arma3 directory, but got the same results. Thanks for your time, -treadd