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  1. That's what I thought too, but the CC was never rebuilt, and in fact every last structure that wasn't just there for show was destroyed when I returned after capturing Outpost! There was no glowing outline of the CC or anything except a pile of rubble. Any ideas when this bug will be patched? (referring to this thread: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?141110-Frontier-problem-after-Outpost) At least give us a time-frame for the rebuild so that we can be sure if we are encountering this bug and not just being impatient... though I am sure I took my leisurely time taking Outpost and even went back more than once to see how Frontier was doing on repairs... and since the island isn't captured, it is proving to be a serious problem to my supply lines! Fixes? Work-around? Patch ETA?
  2. I noticed that his thread is over 2 years old and the issue still remains. Is there an ETA on the patch to fix it? At least give us examples of what tricks work so those of us just now encountering the problem can use to get around it! Throw us a freaking bone here... :(
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    Quick save/load?

    Not sure why I cant create a new thread as suggested by the red text so I will just post here, as it relates to the OP. What about the quicksave / quickload?! I noticed the option in-game under the controls section and gave the quicksave try. Nothing seemed to happen but I assumed that was as intended. However when I tried to quickload, the same bloody thing happened, nothing! After looking at the list of saved games to load in the relevant menu, I noticed no 'quicksave' was present and started to wonder what was wrong... was it the button I pressed? No, I double and triple checked it, even so far as change the button so as to force the game to recognize the fact that indeed I had a button that was press-able but nothing changed as far as functionality. I checked several forums on the subject but all of them seemed to relate to a later version and hinted that it was only present in some .ini files. However I am currently using version 1.6.0011... the 1 (one) in-front kind of has a 'full version' but I guess it just means 'full version BETA'... so forgetting standard version number convention, we will just ignore that fact. The problem I have is the control menu actually lists it as an option, which is all kinds of confusing for new users like myself. Are we to believe that its just there as a place-holder for some future feature that may or may not ever be added? Or is this a serious bug that is not yet fixed but is advertised as a function of the game? My thoughts are that it should NOT be in the options menu or at the very least have some sort of warning that indicates that it is still being worked on. The fact that I am posting this some two years after the original post kind of gives some indication that this should have been dealt with by now, so maybe its a new bug caused by recent changes... I just want to know if it is one way or the other. Either way, its darn troublesome and more than a little hit to the game's already shaky reputation.